Monday, August 12, 2013

GRANDMA BARKER'S VASE for "Tea In The Garden"

Yesterday afternoon I found the cutest vase in a flea market and I especially was touched when I saw the note inside the vase which read "This is from Grandma Barker's things.   I assumed she probably passed and this was from her belongings.

  I thought the vase was very sweet 
with a little bluebird on it. 

This tea time is in honor of Grandma Barker who I never knew but I certainly share her love for sweet things - like her vase!
It looks like the 1940's-1950's.

A little hummingbird was most unhappy to
 find me setting up my table this morning. 
But then again, perhaps he will join
us for tea. 

The recipe for hummingbird food for your feeder is 4 cups of water to 1 cup of sugar - boil 2 minutes which kills bacteria.  I double this and refrigerate until it is all used.  I also add a little red food color.

August in Colorado brings
certain smells and sights
of a forthcoming fall.  I saved
the note which was in the vase.

It makes one think doesn't it?

I still have some wonderful
Queen Anne's Lace to share.

Do you collect English
teapots?  I love the back stamp
names of the manufactures.

Seems like every week just flies by now doesn't it - where is summer going?


JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

What a charming setting - everything is so wonderful. I love the note in the little vase. I once bought a pair of well polished, white, high-top baby shoes, simply because the box had been written on - it said "Bobby's shoes" - I couldn't leave then in the thrift shop - so they came home with me - and I fairly certain by the age of the box and the shoes that Bobby is grown and probably older than I am.

Karen said...

Hi Bernideen,
I just love your teacups. They are so summery and beautiful. That is so special to find a note in the vase. The handwriting is so beautiful too! I also found a note in a vintage candle holder that I bought once. Thank you for hosting once again. I am sorry that I didn't crop my photo properly. Have a great week.
Take care,


Lovely tea setting with a beautiful garden sorroundings! The dishes are gorgeous and the adorable bird house gives it the romantic touch to this lovely post. Have a happy week and thank for the tea party.

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Your table setting is beautiful and so inviting. I love the vase you found and I'm quite sure that Grandma Barker is smiling down on you for giving her vase new life in a new home.
Happy week.

Tea in Texas said...

This would be a wonderful table to sit down and enjoy tea with you. Your grandmother's vase is so lovely with the beautiful white blossoms and the sweet blue bird. The garden is always so very pretty! I love your cute blue and white bird house. Hope you and your husband have great week!

Martha's Favorites said...

Always so lovely. You have the perfect place for out side tea. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

Bernideen said...

The lady wasn't my grandmother - I just bought the vase at a flea market! Thank you for your visit and I hope you have a great week too. Right now we are having a bad storm!

ellen b. said...

I'm glad someone/you are enjoying Grandma Barker's vase! What a fun find at the flea market especially with the note inside!

Gram said...

Bernideen, it was delightful to finally meet you after following you for several years. We stayed in Cascade in the Blue Spruce Caboose at that inn, enjoyed Old Colorado City and Manitou Springs. We left Thursday afternoon to go to Monument closer to our kids, and I was devastated to hear of the flooding of Hwy 24. I have a vintage crocheted miser purse with a note inside that said it was "Grandma's."

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Oh, I really like the vase Bernideen and the whole table with the bird theme is cute. Do you know, every time I'm in a shop or antique store and look at table toppers, I always think of you. Looked at some on the weekend but didn't buy any as none were appealing to me.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hello Bernideen,
That is a special little vase you found with the note inside and your teacups are so pretty! A lovely setting as always. Thank you for coming for tea and hosting as well. Hope you have a splendid week.


Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

Bernideen, Yay I finally could get on to join you.

Your garden tea, as always, is so delightful and lovely.

That vase is so special!

I ♥ your bird theme, but you knew I would!!!


Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Isn't it sad that one of Grandma Barker's relatives did not keep her special vase! Nancy

Johanna Gehrlein said...

Dear Bernideen,
Grandma Barker will look from heaven at your table and smile. The bouquet is just fabululous for the little vase. I think, the humming bird was jealous, that he had to stay outside and the charming bluebird has his place. The whole table looks fresh and inviting. Your pretty china is well set. Thank you for sharing this wonderful tea time and for hosting this lovely event.
Best greetings, Johanna

Bernideen said...

I find this often to be true Nancy - in fact - I hear this conversation in my shop as ladies look at the teacups I sell. I hear them say "what ever happened to Mom's (or Grandma's) or teacups?

From the Kitchen said...

What a sweet vase filled with lovely flowers and nestled into such a beautiful setting. I'm sure Grandma Barker would be very pleased.


Michelle said...

Hi Bernideen,
What a beautiful vase! I love the little bluebird and your embroidered table cloth. Your table setting and garden are just lovely.
Happy Tuesday,

Anonymous said...

Blessings, Bernideen! I just love your flea market find! Such a sweet dedication to a lady of good taste. It is sad to note, though, that you found it on a flea market table where it is left for someone other than family to cherish. So many stories like that - so hard to keep everything. Including your hummer - they have their own teatime clock, I suppose - and perhaps next time you should set out a RED tablescape. Perhaps he will stick around.

Kathy said...

There was a Hummingbird buzzing my husband as he left for work this morning - I need to refill our feeder! Gorgeous vase - how precious to find that note inside! I am delighted to join your party and appreciate you sharing,

Marilyn Miller said...

Your tea table is just beautiful this week. I love Grandma Barker's vase. How special that you will treasure it, though you didn't know her.

Two Cottages And Tea said...

I am so glad the darling vase found a home with you! Your tea table is so lovely. Thank you so much for hosting.

sandy said...

I'll bet Gramma Barker is thrilled her vase has a loving new home! How fun to think of that! Your table looks beautiful and the little vase is so sweet . I wouldn't have passed it up either.
I try not to think about summer going so fast. I never seem to get enough of it.

Bernideen said...

You are so kind! Thank you for your sweet comments!

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

The vase is lovely, and the teapot is adorable. I'll miss your tea parties in the garden when summer is gone.

Bernideen said...

Great idea!!!

Bernideen said...

In the fall, once it stays cool, I switch back to Friends Sharing Tea and do the same thing "inside"! Hope you can join me!

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Bernideen, what a great find. I think Grandma Barker will be happy that you have the little vase. Sorry that someone in her family didn't want it. Thanks for the hummers recipe. I have an empty feeder so I will make some. Your tea table looks so pretty in the garden. Love the embrodiered cloth..Happy Wednesday..Judy

Gram said...

Here is the email for the site I could not remember last week for the German linens.


Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

So beautiful! Your garden is so gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bernideen! Your tea table is so pretty and the little vase is just beautiful and popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

janice15 said...

How sweet, I love birds anything..Gramma Barker I'm sure is glad you are the one who got her sweet vase.. with love Janice

Bernideen said...

Hi Janice:
I feel that way too! I think she is smiling down pleased that someone who loved what she loved appreciates her vase!
Hope you week is going well.

Bernideen said...

Hi Judy:
Just letting you know that I enjoy your blog! Glad you can use the recipe for the feeder - I used to do it without boiling and had a lot more moldy water. The boiling is important!

Bernideen said...

Thanks so much for participating in my Tea In The Garden Series!

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Bernideen, the vase is so sweet and I'm glad it ended up in your sweet home! I was at my friends once and she had this darling yellow and white pitcher in her D.I. pile. I asked her why she was getting rid of it. She said that she had made it years ago for her grandma and it was given back to her when she passed. I couldn't believe she was giving it to a thrift shop. She asked if I wanted it and I said I certainly do. A while later I asked her if she didn't want it back, knowing it had been her granny's. Nope, she still didn't. I love it! Hope granny is happy. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

deb said...

Love the vase and your table setting. So glorious in such a beautiful garden!

Susan said...

Having just moved across country, I'm yearning to unpack my tea cups so this "rental" feels more like home...until then, I dream of being in your garden and sharing a cuppa with you, XOXO

aspiritofsimplicity said...

how sweet that grandma barker will be remembered.

Angela McRae said...

I love that you saved the note about Grandma Barker! She lives on here!

Anonymous said...

Where did you find that wonderful 'standing cat' statuette?

Bernideen said...

You can find these on line - just google Campania International (Pennsylvania) and you will see the garden statuary. Mine are not new and others may now be available instead.