Thursday, November 7, 2013


I started out collecting teacups many years back and mostly just had some mix and match.  Over the years, I have picked up English sets here and there and so I decided to resell my older mix and match items.

 I do have a group of newer ones that are lovely but made in China which I save in my basement that are reserved for my personal teas as I would rather not use my precious collectible ones for that time.  I think it puts a "friend" in an embarrassing situation if one gets broken by them so I'd rather avoid that.

I stay within certain color themes when I collect cups and saucers but also have seasonal fall and Christmas ones which I keep in the basement during their off season.

I will be constantly refining my collection.


  1. Bernideen - I love your collections and your beautiful shabby chic feminine girlie way of displaying them - what I would give to sit there with you admiring them in person while enjoying a visit with you, possibly sipping from one of those lovely pieces.

    ♥ it all, so beautiful!!


  2. I love how you have your collection displayed, I had never thought to make use of a cake stand in such a way. Also lovely how you combine your vases and glass ware amongst the showcase.
    Purple is a favourite colour of mine, I especially like the top pot on that shelf.

  3. Your tea cup collection is just gorgeous! Everything is such romantic.

  4. Bernideen, that is one nice display shelf for tea things. Look at all the cake stands you have! I like everything on the smaller shelves too.

  5. Bernideen, so lovely! Your tea cups are so dainty! And I love you cake pedestals. So pretty!

  6. Beautiful, Bernideen. I am especially enjoying your purples!

  7. Bernideen, your teacup collection is just lovely and your baby pink hutch is so pretty. The red rimmed pedestal cake plate holding the sweets caught my eye too. I love the what-not shelf with the purple collection also. Each teapot is so pretty. Can't choose a favourite as each one has a beauty all its own. Collecting is so much fun, isn't it! Thank you for sharing your pretties with us at my HOME and have a beautiful long weekend.


  8. You do have a beautiful collection, Bernideen! And you are so thoughtful of your tea guests. I know some people can be so intimidated by beautiful china. I feel lucky to have a little booth to sell in and move on some nice things that I am giving up. (And I agree with you that making a paper wreath is an ultimate reuse of an old book! So nice that you came by!)

  9. Hi Bernideen...a lovely post today! Your pictures are so nice, and everything looks just so pretty. It makes me want to have a tea party.
    Hope all is well in your world.

  10. Oh my, Bernideen,
    I just adore that pink shelf and all of your gorgeous teacups. You have everything displayed so beautifully. It is just my taste. Love it all! Thank you for visiting me! Have a wonderful weekend! Take care,

  11. What a beautiful open hutch for displaying your teacup and cake stand collections. Everything is lovely. I just finished reading three of Alda Ellis' books, and she highly recommends keeping the things you enjoy out and visible so you can see them every day. I'm sure your hutch and dishes bring you much pleasure.

  12. What a beautiful array of teacups, and I love the open display--I need that! Wish I had a shop like yours so I could sell older teacups when I replace them with others that I like better. In fact, am thinking of doing an Etsy shop and/or getting a booth in an antique mall after Christmas.

    1. Angela: I only started reselling vintage cups and saucers in the last year or so. I think you would love doing a booth in a mall. I would love that when I retire or even working a little in one. Also, I think Etsy is a great idea! You can do that one in your pj's!

  13. Everything is so beautiful. The first soft pink shelf with the pink on it and the pedestal plates are just lovely.

  14. What a beautiful collection you have Bernideen! You have everything displayed so perfectly. xo

  15. Bernideen, you have an amazing collection! They look so pretty in your pale pink cupboard. I love the touches of yellow and green. The purple collection is beautiful as well. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  16. So very beautiful, Bernideen! Love the delicate, feminine patterns! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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