Monday, April 21, 2014

VINTAGE CANISTERS for "Friends Sharing Tea"

Good Monday morning and I hope you had a delightful Easter weekend!  The promise of spring is here and even though it is cool out we are seeing our backyard grass turn green and bulbs and plants starting to pop out of the ground. 

 I recently found a set of vintage tin canisters for $18.00 that I am sharing.  Many of the other items I have shared in the past too.

I believe these are called 
crinoline lady silhouettes.

Our hearts turn toward springtime teas now and I know many of you have this favorite tea book which is now published by Benjamin Press. 
I seem to love Tuscan cups and saucers and have three rosebud ones here plus a Clarence and a Shelley.

The coffee pot above is Spode and the teapot which is a favorite is Crown Dorset.


  1. Good morning Bernideen,
    Happy Easter! You have a such a lovely collection of tea wares and I do love your teapot. It's one of my favourites. The chintz teacup is gorgeous too. Those canisters are really sweet and I love pink and green together. It is beginning to look and feel like spring here at last. It was a long time coming! Have a delightful week.


  2. Hope you had a lovely Easter Sunday!
    Your side table is gorgeous with all those lovelies set up so beautifully! The teapot with the pink is to die for!
    Thank you for hosting sweet lady. Have a nice week.

  3. I do love vintage kitchen things and these tins are wonderful. And what a very special tea pot!

  4. Your vintage canisters and china are lovely, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your "Bunny Butler" holding the teapot! Is that something you sold in your store?

  5. The crinoline ladies were popular for embroidering and putting on a number of things, weren't they? A lovely vignette on your sideboard this week Bernideen. My youngest daughter and I were talking about painting furniture white yesterday and I was telling her about all the things you've done and how it nice it looks. I think she wants to change her daughter's bedroom furniture.

  6. Those little ladies on your new canisters are so pretty in their dresses and bonnets! Love all your tea items! Yesterday we finally had some nice weather and a lot of our snow melted! Still have a lot to go though! We get snow in May, also. A few years ago we got 14 inches! One thing nice it does go fast if it snows so late in the season. Thank you for hosting and have a wonderful week.

  7. What wonderful tins you found -- some of the prettiest I've ever seen, and certainly perfect for your spring decor. I hope it continues to warm up in Colorado, as I am *so* looking forward to the return of your gardening series!

  8. I love the green canisters so much. When I thought I would open a tearoom I wanted vintage looking green canisters to hold the tea on shelves. The only thing I could find were whole sets in different sizes. I still
    think they would be so pretty if they were all the same size lining shelves and just full of wonderful teas.
    Love the vintage look.

  9. Hi Bernideen,
    I think your cannisters are so pretty! What a wonderful find! I can see some gorgeous chintz teacups there too! My favourite is that Crown Dorset teapot. I would love to find one of those. Thank you for hosting Friends Sharing Tea! Have a wonderful week! Karen

  10. Your canisters are a such a wonderful find! They are so pretty. Your Tuscan tea cups are so lovely! What a lovely laid table. I don't have a coffee pot in my collection I will have to keep an eye out after seeing yours! Thank you for the tea fun!

  11. What lovely vintage canisters, Bernideen, and of course all your tea items are so pretty! I wish I could see everything in person and enjoy a cup of tea with you. Thank you for hosting and have a wonderful week.

  12. Beautiful and romantic setting Bernideen! I am so glad your weather co operated.
    I love your new canisters. That was a great find! And all your lovely china looks amazing. That is a fab coffee pot!
    I too, am really looking forward to tea out doors. Last year, it seemed, it rained and rained. Poor Bertha never got a chance to shine. I am hoping for this year to be better, although the spring so far has been much the same. But I can hope : )
    I am filling the planters on my balcony today, so that will feel really good.
    We are supposed to have thunder storms this afternoon!

  13. Hi Bernideen...I love your canisters! 1930s glamour. The design was generally called Crinoline Ladies and they were very popular in the 1930s in needlework, china and housewares. Love it! Your photos are always! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  14. !i love the colour of the canisters. Your whole display is very spring-y. I'm also longing for tea in the garden!

  15. Very pretty cannisters and I love that first teapot!

  16. Great deal on the vintage canisters! Your china is always so pretty.
    Hope you have a beautiful spring and will be enjoying your tea in your lovely garden soon.

    Thank you for hosting,

  17. Hi Bernideen: Those canisters are so precious. You don't see them very often. Love all the pieces you shared today, each one, more beautiful than the next. Your post was pure eye candy. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, Martha

  18. Hello Bernideen, your cannisters are amazing - so pretty! I am delighted for you - so glad to join your party - I do appreciate you hosting,

  19. Your pink teapot is so pretty! I kept looking at the taking tea with Alice book because it looked familiar, and then I remembered that I checked that tea book out from my local library a few months ago. Thanks for hosting!

  20. Where did you find that adorable Bunny Butler that holds the teapot and the chalkboard? I would like to find one like that. What a lovely blog you have and with so many wonderful ideas! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hello Karen:
      The bunny board is something produced by Mud Pie about 10 years ago and before. NLA No longer available. Thanks for visiting!


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