Tuesday, June 10, 2014


  It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood so why not join me for "Tea In The Garden":

I get really excited about
the site of pansies.

I got a little carried away for sure.

We had very cool weather yesterday and we look forward to when the warm weather just sticks around permanently.

Today I am sharing a Pansy Tea Time
 since the pansies are so lovely now. 

I love their adorable and happy faces.

So many vintage English cups and saucers
show pansies and violets.  Also, the old
1950's linens were often created with
pansies as a theme.

Both of these teapots are new and
sorry to say, from China.

  I have a sweet like book about pansies by Emelie Tolley and Chris Mead.  It's one of those books you can get lost in for a while.

Please pour yourself a cup of tea and relax.  Tell me about your summertime plans.


  1. I love your Pansy Time Tea today, Bernideen. You share the prettiest settings. I love your teacups and your teapots. I'd love to have tea with you in your garden. Thank you for hosting you lovely party.

  2. I always enjoy tea in your garden when you pay tribute to a specific flower and have all kinds of things featuring the flower. A lovely pansy tea.
    We're having a luncheon with our oldest daughter to celebrate her 40th birthday today. I made your Queen Victoria sponge cake with strawberries recipe for dessert.
    I'll share for tea next week.

  3. Bernideen your tea in the garden is lovely! I like the bench you laid out so very charming! Thanks for hosting!

  4. Dear Bernideen,
    I really enjoyed all the Pansy themed photos, so lovely and romantic. I love Pansies so much. Your garden is the perfect background for a garden party. Thank you for sharing this beautiful vignettes and for hosting this sweet event.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  5. What a lovely post. Your setting is glorious Bernideen. Love the sweet and romantic colours.

    Have a wonderful week,


  6. Your beautiful garden setting is perfect for this time of year! The collection of pansy linens and china is so extensive. I love all the beautiful embroidered linens and the two pansy cups and saucers. As you know the pansies are gone now in Texas but we enjoy them in the cooler months. Hope you and your husband have some warm days to share the garden!


  7. I would say it is a beautiful day in your yard too. Just lovely!

  8. Bernideen, I too love the pansies. They have such happy faces. Your tea in the garden is just lovely and your china is so pretty, as well as your linens. Thank you for hosting and joining me for tea. Have a lovely day.


  9. Dear Bernideen, you have outdone yourself ma'am - what a lovely experience it is taking tea with you in your pretty lush garden with all your pretty pansey tea ecoutrements.

    Well done, this is beautiful. Hugs.

    Thank you for hosting!

  10. Hi Bernideen,
    Your "Pansy Tea in the Garden" is so pretty. I love your doilies, crocheted throws, books, teacups and especially those pansy teapots. I do enjoy your Teas in the Garden vey much! Thank you for your congrats on my published pic. I am so happy. Do you sell Romantic Homes Magazines in your shop? I am having difficulty finding them in Canada.
    Thank you for hosting today! Happy June! Karen

  11. I love tea in the garden and pansies. They are such a happy flower with their cute faces. Love your teacups and the gorgeous embroidered linen. Happy Tea Day!

  12. I love everything with pansies, so beautiful. I have the same little book about pansies and used the recipe for pansy cake several times.

  13. Your garden remind me of a single pot of lovely blooms in my yard.

  14. You have done it again. Another LOVELY post.... I think pansies are the sweetest of flowers. You are lucky to have so many things to go along with your pansy tea.

  15. Hello Bernideen,
    Adore Your Pansy Garden Tea, sweet as the scent. I'm a fan of doilies and crochet wee little things, love to read in the garden and look over magazines so this little nook would be just up my crook. I so always enjoy having tea in the garden with you. Thank you for hosting such a wonderful spot, hugs Cindy

  16. A beautiful pansy garden tea! I so enjoyed seeing again your beautiful chair covers you made and also your sweet little flower lady. Your teacups and teapots so lovely! I always look forward to your garden teas! Hope the weather improves for us! Thank you for hosting!

  17. Wow, so many beautiful linens! And the pansies...so many different things, I really enjoyed scrolling through to see what was coming next. Your pansy tea is terrific. Love the cups and saucers (especially the pinkish one) and the teapots, and everything else :)

  18. Everything looks gorgeous. Your photos would make a lovely coffee table book. Have a wonderful day.

  19. What a delight! Your setting is just beautiful and all your little details are just perfection- love that you included books for a leisurely afternoon-
    I really adore your cat statues- would love to get some like that- are they antiques?

  20. Hi Bernideen. LOVE all the violets! Your china is gorgeous and I love your bench with the vintage linens. Just beautiful. Hope the nice weather last for a while!
    Thanks for hosting!

  21. The pansy teacups are perfect! I think my Blueberry Snack Cake would taste even better on this beautiful setting! XOXO

  22. Pansies and teacups and a beautiful setting. Just perfect in every way. Thank you for inviting me.

  23. Now I often see violets featured at teatime, but pansies, not so much. A lovely theme!

  24. Pansies are among my sweet & steady & reliable flowers. I love that they bloom in the worst conditions and thrive in so many places. They make me happy too, always smiling back at me when I am in the garden. I think the book looks like a good read !

  25. What a lovely Pansy vignette! It is so nice to meet you at Tuesday Cuppa Tea. Your blog is going on my Bloglovin' list, so I can see how your garden blooms. ~Mary

  26. What a lovely Pansy vignette! It is so nice to meet you at Tuesday Cuppa Tea. Your blog is going on my Bloglovin' list, so I can see how your garden blooms. ~Mary

  27. Oh, Miss Bernideen!

    How charmingly welcoming and whimsically lovely.

    I feel like I'm three now, saying a proprietary "Mine! Mine! Mine!" to each and every doily and scarf---the pansies match all the ones laid away in tissue in the clothes-press upstairs. They were the work of my Mother and Mammaw J., whose afternoons were often spent with a big box fan on in the living room, and STELLA DALLAS on the radio.

    They turned out the most wonderful things---Mammaw simply from a trip to the drugstore for a good look at the pattern-books, for she could come home and duplicate a doily by suppertime.

    Doilies, scarves, runners, the edging which has survived probably six succeeding pairs of pillowslips, gently removed and replaced on a crisp new pair of Pepperells.

    There was even one infamous Easter basket with a handle of the pansies, starched stiff with heavy sugar-water around a big Clorox jug. It was removed from the beautifully-set table and gnawed into sticky ruin by my 2-year-old sister just before the Missionary Society ladies appeared at the door for tea.

    What precious, funny memories you've evoked to day!


  28. Always love coming to see your tea parties! Thank you so much for linking up to this weeks Garden Party over here at Fishtail Cottage's! oxox

  29. Love your Pansy tea, Bernideen. Mine are showing signs of decline! It's getting too hot for them - beautiful post - I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  30. This is so pretty Bernie! Thanks for sharing it at this week's Home Sweet Garden Party! You are on of this weeks featured posts! {www.creativecountrymom.com} Hope you can join us again this week too! Hugs...Brooke

  31. So many beautifully embroidered cloths.


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