Tuesday, January 27, 2015


It was a cold day last Tuesday and rather overcast.  I was at my shop by myself and bored so I wandered over and picked up a copy of "Beatrix Potters Gardening Life" by Marta McDowell.  I began to read this book written by a lady who is very knowledgeable about gardening.

As I began to read I was soon taken away to England and learned more about Beatrix Potter and her childhood.  If you have seen the movie "Miss Potter" you would love the photos and drawing in this book too.  Many of these were new to me. I choose a teapot today that I thought Beatrix would love - my friendship teapot with the two little girls on it.

We all know that anytime a movie is made some things are always adjusted for the sake of production.  Of course this book presented some time table adjustments to my memory of the movie.  I also loved reading more details about Beatrix Potter's friendship with Millie Warne.  I particularly loved the photo of Beatrix in her garden paradise in 1913.  Color photos weren't out yet so black and white was the norm.

A point of interest I noted in this book is that Beatrix actually did something that Tasha Tudor later did in that she was motivated to write more books to help finance her gardening passion.  I was interested to see that that Beatrix and her husband, William Heelis actually lived across the street from her Hilltop Farm at the farm called "Castle Cottage". It was there that she became an avid canner of fruits and jams, marmalades and jellies.  I love this!
She loved making jams for the larder and I think that's charming.

What about special friends?  Of course there was Millie but Beatrix also hired a woman to assist her in the garden and they became life long friends.  Her name was Louie Choyce and she and Beatrix shared together in a great passion for gardening for the rest of their lives.

Are you a lover of gardening?  If so, I know you would enjoy this book as much as I did.  I finished reading the book on Wednesday while 8" of snow fell.  Are you ready to dream of your garden?  This is the perfect book to read as your winter snow flies.

Join me for "Friends Sharing Tea" today by sharing a link to a tea post on your blog below.  A special congratulations to Sandi for her 5th Anniversary of TEA TIME TUESDAY blog party!

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Beth in NEPA said...

I recently purchased the book about Beatrix and her gardens. I had read it at the library and just knew I had to have my own copy. I was just suggesting it to a friend this morning. I am now planning to get the book about Emily Dickenson's gardens as well. The pictures in the Beatrix Potter book are wonderful. And I loved learning more about her!

Vee said...

A thoroughly charming post. Loved the subject and the beautiful photos.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

I adore gardens but I am not a gardener. Too many back problems and my dear hubby doesn't have the time unfortunately. Those teapots are so cute. I don't have a Brown Betty and yours is adorable with the wee rose buds. I enjoy anything about Beatrix Potter and I could watch the movie over and over. Thank you for joining me for tea to celebrate my Tea Party Anniversary. I do appreciate your wonderful support and encouragement over the past five years. We are having a blizzard today but so far we haven't lost our power which is a very good thing! Have a lovely day, my friend.


Antiques And Teacups said...

Can't think of a nicer thing to do while the snow falls..a teacup and a book...warmth and joy indeed. I have visited Beatrix Potter's home.The garden was indeed lovely! I bet it can be a great inspiration for you! Her drawings were so wonderful as well. Love your pretty teacups and setting. Thanks for hosting and linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

I loved learning about Beatrix Potter, Bernideen. Yes,she would love your teapot, and I love both teapots and both teacups. The one with the darling cottage is making me swoon. It looks like Spring time in your home with the tulips and daffodils. What a pretty setting for us to enjoy.

Tea in the Library said...

Lovely post. Although I had read about Beatrix as a child I knew very little about her adult life. Sharing. Thanks for hosting!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Gardening is definitely my passion Bernideen. I became a Master Gardener 14 years ago, have written numerous newspaper and magazine articles and continue to give gardening presentations. The writing and presentations are what fund my pursuits. :-)
I should see if I can get this book from the library, I have so many gardening books myself that I've started donating them to garden clubs for door prizes.
Your tea table is lovely and I'm sure Beatrice would have approved.
Thank you for hosting.

Unknown said...

As always love your blog entries. Look forward with anticipation to each one!! I so wish I were closer and could visit your shop. It is so pretty and filled with so many lovelies! I have this book and enjoyed it just as much as you!! One that every gardener would love.....♡ Thanks for sharing!

Country Gal said...

Wonderful photos ! I have read all about her years ago and it is fascinating . I love gardening cant wait to get my flowers in looking forward to the spring and summer my favorite time of year ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

ellen b. said...

I know I would enjoy that book since I love all things Beatrix Potter!

Karen said...

Hi Bernideen,
I am loving your white corner shelf filled with pretty teapots and your large pink shelf with the teacups. Spectacular! Your Beatrix Potter book does sound wonderful. I adore flowers and always plant bedding plants. Last year I planted a peony and was so excited but it seems to have died so I guess I am not a gardener but I will keep trying! Thank you for hosting tea once again. I love visiting you each and every week! Happy Tea Day! Karen


Beautiful post and interesting too. I love garden and had my share when I lived in a big gorgeous farm with lots of grounds and lovely gardens.
Thanks for the sweet party and may you have a blessed week.

Margie said...

I enjoyed reading Beatrix Potter's special books when I was a child so it's interesting to learn about the inspiration behind her special tales.

Carrie said...

Hi Bernideen! That book sounds great--I've seen the movie and I really enjoyed it. Lovely pictures this week--I really like your white tea cart. Have a great week!

KathyB. said...

I have copies of most of Beatrix Potter & Tasha Tudor's books. I love them dearly and have appreciated the thoughts both ladies wrote regarding their gardens, their livestock, wildlife, and nature in general. Like you, I could not help but notice how later on their writings seem fueled by the need to generate income for their passions, and fortunately for us, their passions are those of so many people world-wide ; lovely and practical gardens, sweet 7 funny livestock, putting aside for later use jams, jellies, preserves, and the appreciation for the every day happenings in and around our gardens, fields, and homes.

That both ladies were adept at illustrating these simple joys makes them the memorable and quotable ladies they have become. Thank-you for this wonderful post !

Miss Kathy said...

Bernideen--my heart leaped with joyful recognition of your Beatrix gardening book! My husband gave it to me for Christmas and it is, even now, on my reading table for this month! I am a great fan of Miss Potter and have a speaking program about her. I'll be performing it at one of the local libraries on March 5 for Women's History Month. What an impact her simple, elegant, intelligent life left in the world of literature and the enduring beauty of the English countryside! Of course, I'll have a teatime display with me, in addition to some of her books and biographies. And, flowers--of course. I'm so glad you featured her this week and blessed to be able to participate. Drop by my place and you'll see why Miss Potter's literary inspirations have me busy these days, and scaling back to once a month teatime posts. I have my All Things Bright and Beautiful Linky up this week and would love for you to link this post! Perfect! http://www.thewritersreverie.com/2015/01/all-things-bright-beautiful-link-up-8.html

The Charm of Home said...

Bernideen you have the nicest collection of tea pots and cups. I have read that book on BP. It was wonderful and gave a lot of insight to her character.
Thanks for hosting!~

Two Cottages And Tea said...

What a wonderful way to spend a cold winter day! I have the same book on my kindle and am only about half way through. I always enjoy seeing your teapot with the two friends on it. So sweet! I really like your white tea cart. I just got one for only $30.00! I am so excited, but the grandkids are using it for a puzzle table for this winter! Who would ever think it does make a great table for that, since it rolls around! Thank you for hosting!

Aida said...

Hi Bernideen, I've watched the movie and loved it. I didn't know there's a book as well. I'd like to learn more about her gardening love and would like to see those beautiful photos. It's always a delight to drop by and join your for tea.
Take care and stay warm

Karen said...

Oh, Bernideen, I wish I could visit your lovely shop and meet you in person. I enjoy your blog so very much! I love to read about Beatrix Potter's life. Gardening in the heat of Florida is different from your northern gardens and nothing like the ones of Peter Rabbit and his creator but I do enjoy working outside in the early morning. Flowers blooming always make me smile.

Angela McRae said...

I read this book and loved it too, Bernideen! Thanks to you, I may just have to read it again. I can see me one day writing books to fund my gardening passion ... am already looking over the spring gardening catalogs and dreaming away!

Heirlooms by Ashton House said...

Oh, that hutch of pretty tea ware is so lovely? Is it pink? My favorite color! Also LOVE the friendship teapot with the two little girls. Can you tell me who makes it or if you sell them, what they cost? Thanks!

Lorelai @ Life With Lorelai said...

Beatrix Potter holds such a special place in the hearts of me and my daughter. I love this post and all the beautiful tea stuffs. The movie Miss Potter is also very good. You should see it, if you haven't. Please come share your blog posts over at the Home Matters Linky Party! We'd love to have you for a visit. The Door is OPEN. http://lifewithlorelai.com/2015/02/05/home-matters-linky-party-23/ :)

Life With Lorelai