Tuesday, August 11, 2015


A few years ago I found a beautiful Johnson Brothers
 plate called Windsor Ware.  I later found 2 more and then one and eventually I found a set of six.  Now I had 10 plates.  The fruit and floral motif on the plates is lovely as it includes a rose and a chrysanthemum.

I go out antiquing here and there across our state so over time I found 3 cups and saucers that matched the plates.  Today I found 7 more to go with the 3,  bringing the total to 10 of those.  Of course these will be lovely for fall.

The teapot below has lots of crazing but I 
don't mind
 as that just means it was loved.

Autumn officially begins September 23 and who would believe how soon that is coming.

I can't even remember where I found the platter below:

I am a mix and match person so a couple of cottage teapots work great for me.  This one is an Arthur Wood & Sons and the one above with the crazing is a Sadler. For anyone who doesn't know and is curious crazing just means tiny innocent cracks all over often seen on used and loved teapots and cups and saucers. 


  1. Such a pretty pattern... and great collection!

  2. Oh how lovely your dishes are. So glad that you found more of them. They are perfect for Fall.
    Have a great week.

  3. These are very nice dishes, Bernideen! I've not seen a Johnson's Brothers pattern I don't like yet!

    Autumn is coming quickly! It's my favorite season so I am eagerly looking for it!


  4. Ooooo...what a lovely pattern. How thrilling to find more and more pieces to enjoy!

  5. Oh Bernideen, what a perfectly gorgeous transferware pattern you've found for Fall. I also love both teapots, as I am completely smitten by cottage scenes. You find the best pieces while out antiquing!!

  6. Hi Bernideen,
    Those dishes are perfect for fall! I love your previous post too....so lovely!

    I hope you are enjoying your retirement ~ more time to enjoy all your hobbies and interests and more tea!


  7. Beautiful dishes. I love the lace umbrella from the previous post. Enjoy your tea times. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  8. Bernideen, you are all set for a beautiful fall. I absolutely love those dishes and am so happy for you that you are slowly putting a set together. Fall is very close but I'm still trying not to wish summer away yet. It is getting easier as the weather is definitely a little cooler..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  9. I have the same dishes! If you remember I did a post about them last November. I sure love your teapots!

  10. Just a perfect way to describe the crazing.. I love your plates I have seen them on ebay for more of a price it's nice that you found them... wish we had sale like that around her but we don't.. I too last night was thinking how Autumn was just around the corner the days are just flying by.. Lovely post... have a wonderful day with love Janice

  11. Hi Bernideen,
    I absolutely adore that JB pattern, I contemplated getting a partial set of that pattern several years ago and did not, I have regretted it several times. So I am so glad to see that you have it and I can enjoy it on your blog. :)

  12. I love this pattern. It is so fun to search out pieces until you end up with a whole serving set. This will indeed be perfect for fall. I must go antiquing very soon, it has been awhile and you are inspiring me.

  13. WOW...such a beautiful pattern. I have a lot of Johnson Brothers and I just love it all. Fall...I wish hope it will soon be here! I love fall and this summer has been so hot and just icky.

  14. This is a very beautiful pattern, very delicate and perfect for fall. How lucky you were to find different pieces at different times! It makes it all the more precious.


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