Friday, January 20, 2017


Many of us watched "Victoria" on PBS last Sunday night and wasn't it wonderful!  What an amazing challenge for an 18 year old girl to experience and live.  I am excited to see what this Sunday night holds. 

In honor of Queen Victoria I set up a little
tea time at one of the tables down in the
 "tea room" with my
Lemon Cream Cheese Scones.
Click here for the recipe!

I made this banner a few years back after
 participating in a
Victoria Day Card exchange:

I have a few cups and saucers
 that are special keepsakes!

I hope you have time for a cup
 of tea and a scone!

These scones are made with
in your kitchen!


kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

I would so love to join you in your tea room, Bernideen! What a pretty table you've set, and with lemon scones, too. Your chandelier with the teacups hanging looks so pretty reflected in the mirror. Thank you for hosting your tea party, my friend.

Jean | said...

Bernideen, I'm going to make these Brownie Bites for my next afternoon tea as my one concession to chocolate lovers. Of course, I'll fancy them up a bit for the occasion with a little rosette of frosting. I love your tea setting for the tea and scones. I made cream scones the other day with the cream leftover from making clotted cream.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I thought that Victoria was really good! Some of the things were different than portrayed in The Young Victoria, but overall the same, but since it is a series it is a much deeper story line.

Can't wait for Sunday night!

ps- Your tea looks lovely!

NanaDiana said...

What a lovely tea! Those brownie bites do look good...and I have always loved the way you set things up. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. xo Diana

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

You've created such a wonderful space all your very own for tea today, Bernideen! I have seen many films on Victoria - but didn't know about that one. I don't watch television unless I know ahead of time it is something to not miss - wish I wouldn't have.....hopefully Netflix or Amazon Prime shows it one day soon for any I missed along the way. Is it going to be a long series? She was fascinating.

My daughter made an award winning Victorian costume once - every detail was "authentic." I need her to model it for me one day and blog about it - she is beyond talented. (And patient with research and fine hand stiching!)

Heading to the next state over to spend weekend with my tea society sisters! Hubs has a nice long "honey-do" list he wants to work on while I am away. Hopefully I will get decent pics and will be able to share the party next week!

Hgs! ♥

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

What a lovely tea, Bernideen! I spied your teacup chandelier reflected in the mirror; so sweet! Your scones look wonderful and I love your red transferware; especially that teapot! Thank you for hosting and enjoy your weekend.

Winter blessings,

Margie said...

Love the teacups hanging from your chandelier. So pretty! I also enjoyed the premiere of Victoria. I can't imaging ruling a country at my current age, let alone at 18! Thank you for hosting and have a great weekend!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Bernideen, we've been trying to remember where Victoria is hosted. Forgot PBS so appreciated seeing the info here. We watched The Crown all the way through in just a short time and were wanting more of jolly old England! Thanks for the info.

Carolyn said...

Hi Bernideen,
I would love to have seen the new Victoria show but alas no PBS.
I agree it must have been an awesome responsibility for her as a young girl.
I always enjoy seeing your pretty transferware teas~ it all looks lovely.
I am joining you today ~thanks for hosting.


Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

First let me say that youor area for tea is stunning. I loved the series Victoria and I can hardly wait to see it again on Sunday. I am tapying them so I can sit down one day, have some tea and watch the entire series. Makes me want to read about her.

Your tea cups are stunning, especially love the red ones.

Have a great rest of the week.


Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

I loved the series of Victoria. PBS always makes such wonderful series. I really miss Downton Abby.

Your tea area looks wonderful and I wish I could be there having tea with you. Love the red transferware - it's stunning.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Mrs. Chrissy T said...

Lovely!!! I'm excited for the next show.

Sonia said... the red and white transferware and teapot! Gorgeous tea table!

Curtains in My Tree said...

Thanks for mentioning The movie Victoria I'll be sure and watch it tonight,
Love all that red and white transferware dishes.
I have never made scones and have wanted to during all our dreary dark days of winter, just haven't got it done.
You always have the most special little tea time tables and dishes. I like your British banner also

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Hi Bernideen, what a nice tea post to celebrate the Victoria series! It all looks lovely and the scones look delicious, I think I have had those haven't I? :) Talk to you soon!

Antiques And Teacups said...

Very fun! Am watching it tomorrow too. Am really enjoying it! And your setting is wonderful...especially love the transferware and wonderful banner. Well done! Thanks for hosting and linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

The Charm of Home said...

Bernideen what a lovely little tea! Is that a Queen Victoria cup cozy? It is so cute! I have always enjoyed watching a good movie about Q. Victoria. Thank you for sharing this at HSH and for hosting!

Karen said...

Hi Bernideen,
I'm so happy I was able to link up today. Not sure what the problem was. Your Mason's Vista teapot and teacups are gorgeous! I want a Mason's teapot. the lid is so sweet. Oh my.... that teacup chandelier in the mirror is gorgeous! Blessings, Karen

Christina Paul said...

What a wonderful theme for a party! All the little details are just perfection! I am so enjoying the Victoria series and I've only seen the first one!

Sylvia said...

Bernideen, I am so glad that your blog is back. I would have missed it very much had it been lost. Love the scones and the tea cup stand. I will have to keep an eye out for one of those. Thanks for sharing. Sylvia D.

Jean | said...

Bernideen, just had to come back here to tell you I finally figured out my Roku and got to watch the first two episodes of Victoria! Beautiful production. I won't be linking to the tea party tomorrow as my post this week is a saucy appetizer, Sesame Orange Chicken Bites. I suppose one *could* serve it at an afternoon tea -- guests could skewer a Bite with a toothpick, dip it in the sauce and put it on their plate -- but I never have.