Friday, April 21, 2017


After my silly post yesterday, I figured
I better redeem myself so
I am sharing some of the purple flowers
in my yard today!

I am fond of outdoor flags:


  1. Yesterday,your post was just gorgeous and funny!Today,beautiful as ever!Love your purples!Thanks for sharing your stunning garden!

  2. Your garden looks wonderful! You are way ahead of us; we still have daffodils and tulips, redbuds, crabapples, and lilacs. You have done a remarkable job with establishing your garden in such a short time. I do love your water feature and fish, too. (Even if it attracts noisy frogs!) Have a good weekend, Bernideen!

  3. You're way ahead of us too. We're fighting weeds. I do have some pots where some of last year's plants came back (hooray for me!) but nothing like your beautiful garden. Wonder if maybe in future you could tell us if you choose plants based on color to get that lovely purple filling your yard?

  4. Love all the purples in your garden! So peaceful and pretty. Your garden is looking so mature for such a short time you have been there. Enjoy!

  5. Bernideen your garden looks gorgeous, oh my gosh!!! Mine is just getting started, very little color as of yet - love the purple!

  6. The flag you found is lovely it is perfect, very sweet

  7. Purple in Spring is very pretty! Nice flag!


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