Wednesday, September 13, 2017

OUT ON THE PATIO for "Tea In The Garden"

We have enjoyed a lovely summer in
 Missouri and now the nights are cooling off.  
Over labor day we made a quick trip to
Des Moines, Iowa but mostly this summer,
we just enjoyed being home.  Here is a little
tea table I set up for us outside by the Koi pond.

 I thought I'd share the teapot
 I found in Valley Junction in
West Des Moines.

It is called Canadian Rose by Royal Albert.

As you can see we have had very little rain lately!

I love that the robin's won't be
leaving for winter but the hummingbirds -
which have been so fun - will be going
south soon.

Miss Tabitha is especially proud of the foxgloves
she has been growing from seed this summer:

And now back to our tea on the patio.....

Here is a closer view
 of the

I have been learning to sew tea cozies and
this is one I made last week for myself - it
is on the teapot I showed you above.

I have been praying for all the people
who have experienced these tragic
hurricanes down south. 
 I hope you have too.


  1. Bernideen, your new teapot and tea cozy are gorgeous! I really like the shape of that teapot, and the spout looks like one that would pour properly. Today I linked a cookie from last week, and tomorrow I'll come back and link this week's post, another teatime treat.

  2. Bernideen, you have such a beautiful garden and I love your white picket fence. We are not allowed to have fences here in our neighbourhood unfortunately. Your new teapot is lovely and it's wonderful that you were able to visit your family over the long weekend. I have shared this week's and last week's post. Hope that is OK. Thank you for inviting us to tea.


  3. I love the tea pot! That tea pot cover though!!! Its adorable!!!

  4. Oh, lovely. Yes, the cooler temperatures are helping with the yard and gardening. Love all your posts, thank you! Sandi

  5. Hi Bernideen! I always love getting a peek around your beautiful yard. Your new Canadian Rose teapot is so pretty! Thank you for hosting, and yes, we have so much to pray about, don't we?

  6. How beautiful this special garden is and wonderful for tea time! Your lovely floral teapot is great in your garden! The pretty white picket fence is so welcoming! Thanks for hosting!

  7. What a beautiful teapot! Your cozy is lovely, too!

    I like seeing what is blooming in your garden, and though you haven't had much rain, it still is looking very nice. The robins are grateful for your birdbath, I'm sure.

  8. What a lovely garden!Love your teapot and the beautiful teacups.Thanks for hosting!Hugs,Maristella.

  9. Your pretty teapot looks like it can serve copious amounts of tea! I always enjoy seeing your garden's charming statuary and flowers. Thank you for hosting and enjoy the rest of the week!

  10. Bernideen, even without much rain your garden looks so lovely.

  11. Your yard just gets more pretty each time I see it. Love the new teapot and cozies.

  12. The tea cozy is lovely! That's a nice style as it does not require removing to pour the tea. Your yard and gardens look marvelous!

  13. Bernideen- What a pretty little teapot. The cozy is absolutely perfect. I think it is one of the prettiest tea cozies I have seen anywhere. LOVE it. Your yard looks as pretty as ever. Hope you have a great weekend. xo Diana

  14. How relaxing and pretty your tea time on the patio must be! Does your hubby take time to enjoy it with you? We need to take time for tea here! Nancy

  15. Hi Bernideen...we are now in the 40s at night. Love your pretty garden...nice to be able to still have tea outside. Love your new teapot. So many things to pray for indeed. Thanks for hosting.

  16. Bernideen, I'm so happy to have a post to share with your garden tea party theme :) I just love your garden, and the delightful garden tea party that you had! And what a neat idea to make such a darling tea cozy! For you know, sipping tea in the garden, it does get cold quickly, so a tea cozy really a necessity for these garden parties, lol! Happy to join you today :)


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