Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Sitting by the window, one
can dream of springtime
and summertime roses.

Although it is not as cold as it was for
weeks - it is still winter and drab: those
little birds were standing and pecking
on the ice!

So we will just stay here and dream a bit!

Please sit here and pour yourself some tea:

I also made you some lovely
Raspberry Turnovers
(click for recipe)

I am excited to see how the bulbs
 do this spring as I planted
 more in the fall.

Today I am enjoying my 
Beauty Teacups: 

I have been busy this winter - just like you - 
enjoying my life and various interests.  I
have been sewing tea cozies this week,
keeping the bird feeders full and I always
enjoy cooking and baking. I did not
resist these flowers from the market and
love arranging them myself. 

I guess this is one of my all
time favorite teapots:

This post today gives tea bloggers
an opportunity to share a tea related
post from their blog - right down 
at the bottom below:


  1. it may be dreary outside, but your tea is warm and cozy inside, Bernideen! it'd love to share a cup of tea, and oh my goodness...a raspberry turnover...mmmm! Thank you so much for hosting your lovely tea party.
    p.s. Your tea cozies from your previous post are so pretty, too!

  2. Thanks for hosting!Love this beautiful post with wonderful teapots and adorable flowers!What a gorgeous teacup too!Have a lovely day,hugs,Maristella.

  3. Bernideen, I love those little raspberry turnovers! And what a coincidence that I had decided to link to my apricot turnovers! They are a larger size as shown, but I've made them tiny for afternoon tea as well. On my favorite rectangular tray, Blue Danube. Thank you for hosting.

  4. Mesa maravilhosa!
    Louças lindas.

  5. Oh great, thanks Bernideen-I'll be right over for that tart!! :) The flowers are beautiful! I noticed I have 2 crocus blooming out back, something I never saw before I fenced in back yard, rabbits would snip them off as soon as green blades poked out of the ground! My daffodils have poked thru the ground as well. I told them to go back down, but they're not listening!!
    Your tea setting downstairs is quite lovely! And I know your garden will be too come this Spring! xoxo

  6. A look ahead for spring! I know you must be counting the days to be in your garden! Nice to have the flowered table goodies inside! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea

  7. Such pretty tea things, Bernideen! Thanks for hosting!....Christine

  8. Such lovely vignettes! And I really need to make those yummy turnovers.
    Susan K.

  9. Cut flowers bring so much warmth and color to any space. They look lovely by your window. Even though we have near freezing morning temperatures, the leaves on my rose bush and tree have appeared. Last week my daffodils bloomed. Much too early! Hoping the tulips will wait until Easter.
    Thank you for hosting! I always enjoy reading the tea related posts.

  10. Dearest Bernideen,
    what amazing treats you're sharing with this post of yours, they're all so charming ... I love them all, you've such a gorgeous collection of tea cups and tea pitchers dating back to old times!

    With utmost gratitude for hosting,
    I'm sending blessings on your way

    XOXO Daniela at ~ My little old world ~ (Dany)

  11. The flowers are so pretty, Bernideen, and all your china so lovely. I love American Beauty and hope to find one some day. I don't have a post this week; not feeling well. Hopefully next week. Happy first of February!

  12. What beautiful teapots you have. I am longing for warmer weather too. Your flower arrangements are lovely..such pretty colors in the winter months.
    Hope your bulbs all come up and bloom!!

  13. What a warm and cozy spot to have tea...the flowers are gorgeous and look forward to Spring. Glad to be able to join in today!

  14. I am dreaming of roses too. I will have to go get them before they shoot up in price. Thanks for hosting!

  15. Love your bouquet and the vase that you displayed it in. So very pretty! Your all time favorite teapot is lovely too.

  16. I have never had a raspberry turnover.
    After our snow today and this cold wind I’m ready for spring at your house to see what all came up.
    I hope those plants you gave mecome back in the spring.
    As usual you teapots are stars and you table set for a magazine shoot


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