Sunday, February 25, 2018


So here we go with a mini whirlwind
 of photos from yesterday when
 friends Janice and Gina took me
 to tea for my birthday celebration.

Gina made the reservations and we
 left early for around a 3 hour drive
 south to Springfield, Missouri. 
This is in their old historic district
 and this tea room reminds me 
great deal of the
 designer MacKenzie Child's:

 Let's go inside as it was RAINING!

This was Janice and Gina
posing for my camera:

There was nothing shy
 about COLOR here.

Everywhere we looked there was
something of interest and soon
the place filled up with ladies
waiting for tea time:

We were told that Ms. Gilmore's will
soon be serving "High Tea" in another
area which will really be an 
assortment of "Afternoon Tea" 
goodies but you know that here 
in America you might as well give up 
telling tea room owners not to call it 
"High Tea" because they are going to 
do it whether the British like it or not.
We seem to have a history of that
 sort of thing don't we!

The food items we had for lunch:
  quiche, salad, breads, muffins and 
3 layer cakes - were wonderful so
 I am sure they will do a great job at their 
"High Tea" baking too.

Ms. Gilmore's is also a Gift Shop so
 this is a large building - plan on 
spending  some time here and there 
is also a darling Ice Cream Soda
 Shop in the front as well as  takeout
 baked goodies, Macaroons, 
Truffles and so much
 more with cakes that are 3 layers tall!

You can read Janice's post about 
our trip and see what she found here!
She has the blog "Curtains In My Tree"!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Bernideen! Afternoon tea at the delightfully whimsical Ms. Gilmore's is the perfect way to celebrate your special day.

  2. Looks like great fun!!! I would love to go there. Glad you shared.

  3. I really enjoyed our day Bernideen! So glad it worked out to go. Fun pics!
    Talk to you soon!

  4. What a fun thing to do for your birthday! I LOVE that you got to enjoy everything there. I know what you mean about the differences in 'teas'. We went to a 'high tea' at a woman's place that ran a British bed & breakfast here. It was completely different than visiting a tea room where they served 'high tea' in Milwaukee.

    Thanks for taking us along for the journey. Lots of eye candy here! xo Diana

  5. Sweet decor and a lovely shop. Would be fun to copy some of their decor.

  6. OMG ... I’d love to have tea at Ms. Gilmores..We are a little shy of nice tea rooms in my part of the world I try to take every opportunity to visit tea houses when I travel.. and doesn't this one look like fun( Ha ha)..Everything is so bright and happy....I bet you had such a HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bernideen ... I feel like I was there with you...Thank you for sharing your lovely day... xoxoxox

  7. Great time and a especial celebration!Such fun!Hugs,Maristella.

  8. Looks like a fun tea room. Yes...there is a lot of confusion on what high tea is. Happy Belated birthday.

  9. I’m visiting from Janice’s and am so glad I did! Ah, that tea room! So over the top on everything! I loved it! I love in Texas but if ever I’m within even several hours from there I will certainly visit the tea room! Loved every single picture!

  10. What a fun day we had I just loved the decor and shopping at Ms Gilmore's tea room.

    Then I loved the nice antique mall where I found the Prince of Whales.
    There was just not enough time to shop all the places we wanted to go to.
    I was dead tired of course when we got home.

    I am so thrilled with my new tea cozies from you xoxo

    I know you are probably in your sewing room creating more

  11. What a fun way to spend your birthday, Bernideen! You gals always have the best time when you get together. I know exactly what you mean about "High Tea" because they do that here too and it just drives me crazy but I keep it myself. I don't like a soap box which is what some would accuse me of if I said anything. We tea ladies like our teas to be proper, don't we? Those truffles look amazing and I'm glad I wasn't there because I would be sorely tempted to taste every favour. Happy Birthday, my dear friend!

  12. What a fabulous tearoom for you to celebrate your birthday, Bernideen! Wouldn't it be fun if we could all meet at a beautiful tearoom?


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