Monday, March 5, 2018


Just a few photos of my stall
at Midway in case you are
ever able to stop:

Someone left a comment on my
 Face Book Page "Bernideen's Tea 
Time, Cottage and Garden" that they
 thought it was messy and overcrowded.
  Well, stalls/booths are supposed
 to be crowded. That's the idea - 
to get as much into the
 stall as you can.

Late note:  Several have commented
 about the brown Sadler with pink roses. 
 I still have mine but also found this
 one to sell!

This is something fun 
in retirement!


  1. You have a lot of beautiful tea pots and cups, Bernideen! Gorgeous!

  2. I am not retiring but I love visiting antique malls in my free time!Such fun!

  3. Very nice space Bernideen. If I'm ever traveling on I-70 I would hope to stop by.

  4. Makes me want to visit! You have it set up very invitingly.

  5. Lovely booth! Lots of goodies.

  6. Only reading the comments I understood the post ...That wonderful "antique mall" is in your home!Such fun!Great treasures!Sorry for my English.Hugs,Maristella.

  7. I’ve heard this is a fun place to shop. I’ll be sure to stop you by your booth when I do!

  8. Oh I'd love to shop your sweet space! So many delights!

  9. It looks charming! I like that every shelf is full : ) Lots to admire.

  10. Oh, I wish I could stop in and have a peek at your treasures, Bernideen! It would be a treat just to meet you. The china adorned with the ivy and roses is very pretty.

  11. Oh Bernideen,
    I want to visit your stall at Midway Mall! It could never be too crowded with all of your delightful pretties! You're not parting with your rosebud sadler brown betty are you? You may regret it. It's such a collectible. I also love the roses and ivy china set. I have some but mine looks different. Hubby and I visit Antique Malls regularly but there are not too many close by. There is one in Fort Langley, B.C. and also one called Aurora Antique Pavillion near Lynnwood Washington. I so wish we were closer to your mall. Your booth is really fabulous! Such fun to have a booth. Blessings, Karen

  12. So many temptations! Part of the messiness is that it makes the find more of a treasure. I love that brown and pink teapot I have seen in previous posts and now it looks like you are selling it.

  13. Beautiful, Bernideen! If I am ever in your part of the country I will make sure to visit.

    I'm considering space in an antique mall myself for some things I must sell. It was inspiring to see how your booth looks.

  14. I so wish I could come to your shop, my friend!! I see so many things that I would love. I think your shop looks so well organized, and delightfully arranged!!

  15. You actually made me laugh at loud at that messy and overcrowded comment on FB! When I'm out antique and thrift shopping and go into a shop that sparse and lean, I skip it and go on. It's only the overcrowded shops and booths that intrigue me and make me want to explore for hidden treasures others might have missed.

  16. I would enjoy browsing your stall! As someone who detests clutter, I don't find it too crowded or messy at all.

  17. Bernideen,
    I would love nothing more than to visit and shop in your stall filled with so many pretty things!! Thanks so much for sharing!! Thanks too for taking the time to visit!!


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