Saturday, December 22, 2018


Today three Columbia friends
got together for a lovely
Tea Time lunch (at Janice's house).
Her tree was so beautiful!

Janice's home was full of Christmas
wonder and surprises.  She prepared
a lovely meal of soup and salad and
cheeses, dips and finger goodies.
We had cold and hot tea.
(Gina below)

She made a cake that was out of 
this world delicious 
Coconut with Cream
Cheese frosting:
(Janice below)

Her kitchen was like a gift shop
with sweet treasures.

And then we shared gifts
and chatted for what seemed
like hours.

Will you be getting together with
friends for the Holidays?


  1. Definitely a fun time with great food and lots of wonderful treasures to ooh and aah over!

  2. What a fun get-together, her home looks so cozy and inviting, with all of the beautiful dinnerware, and decorations.
    Thank you for sharing with us, especially at this busy time :)
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year, dear friend.

  3. How sweet of you to post about our get together at my house. Time goes to fast when we get together.
    I always enjoy our times together and look forward to our next vintage shopping trip next month

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  4. How special! Yes, I love meeting with friends at this special time. (Though none have homes that look like gift shops.)

  5. Wonderful that you can get together with the girls for special moments like that. Merry Christmas to you and your friends.

  6. Janice's house is beautifully decorated for the holidays. I especially like the pretty red and white transferwares.

    Last weekend, my friend hosted a brunch tea at her office. It was her 5-month-old son's first tea party!

  7. Wonderful Christmas time with friends...Her home is stunning!Hugs!

  8. Lovely, Bernadine...and coconut cream is one of my favorites, yum! Have a blessed Holiday Season!

  9. Oh, how fun---she has a darling home filled with so many interesting pieces. Yes, I will be getting together with friends---but, we will actually brave the mall and go to a favorite restaurant in Nordstroms later this week. Have a Merry Christmas, Bernideen and thank you for all your lovely posts this year!

  10. Bernideen, how fun for you all! And what a beautifully set table! Love it. Happy winter!

  11. The best part of the holidays are gatherings such as this with dear friends and family. How lovely!

  12. I imagine that you both had the best time looking at all of Janice's wonderful treasures, drinking tea, and eating coconut cream cake.


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