Monday, July 22, 2019

SUMMERTIME "Tea In The Garden"

If it does what they say, the temperatures 
are dropping this week into the 80's so it
 is a perfect time for another tea in the
 garden.  It has been a while since it was
 cool enough to set up outside.

Please pour yourself some lovely tea.
It is Yorkshire Gold loose so you can
use the strainer to catch the grounds!

My garden is making it's transition into
 full blow summer now.  We had a cooler
than usual June and I have enjoyed my 
"Endless Summer" Hydrangeas.  
When I bought them in 2016 I was told
 by avid Iowa gardener, Beth Jordan that
 they don't do well in our above
 90 degree temperatures which is oven the
 case June through August.
She knew what she was talking about but
it seems if you can get them through the
first few years - they will survive and 
bloom after all.

I have several American Beauty Cups and
Saucers and I sure think they are wonderful.

Right now the coneflowers and monarda are the flowers that sure don't mind the heat. 

 The zinnias are coming along and 
the limelight and strawberry hydrangeas.

I am also sharing this photo of an unusual
 bird at my finch feeder the other evening. 
 I have recently started bringing the feeder in at night because I kept finding it empty
 every morning - as well as
 an empty hummingbird
 feeder.  This "bird" arrived early before
 dark so now we know!


  1. Oh sneaky little bugger! Glad that you found out who the culprit is. Your garden teas are always so beautiful.

  2. Your garden tea is lovely Bernideen! You cozy is beautiful! Yes, the weather has been so nice, so glad! Nice break after last week's high temps.
    Glad you now know who the culprit is!!

  3. Your garden is feast for the eyes...Exquisite embroideries and linens...gorgeous china...and cute new "bird"!Lol!Adorable flowers as ever!Hugs,dear Bernideen!

  4. Sneaky raccoon!

    I sure do love your hydrangea and want to add some endless summer hydrangea to my garden. My limelight is always amazing.

    I also love the hat you have on the table and those teacups! Just lovely!

  5. Ha, love your 'bird'...grins.

    i think this tea in the garden is one of your most beautiful photo shoots. The dappled light and all the textures--against the glistening china, just is a feast for the eyes..and oh my, love the hat and the tea cozy. I hope everyone pays attention that you have them for sale! Very Lovely!

  6. This year I haven't seen raccoons, but in past years they have been a pest. Your tea time is gorgeous. I love the hat in some of the pictures. Love the hydrangeas too. They are a favorite of mine.

  7. Love your tea table and cozy! Your panicle hydrangeas are gorgeous! Enoy!

  8. What a beautiful garden tea. I love your tea cozy!

  9. Oh how pretty and I want to see the yard again in person before fall
    Love the picture of the baby raccoon


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