Saturday, May 29, 2021


 The best advice I heard is don't change your header right now because blogger has fooled around with it and messed it up.  If you
change it - it will become really little
and if you follow the same instructions
I did after going to the help desk here - it will become blurry like mine above.

If you google this problem there are MANY
articles telling you how to fix your problem.
I was able to follow instructions and get
my header bigger (instead of really tiny and only to the
 left side of the page)
 but I could not understand the instructions
well enough about it being blurry 
and fix that.

Note from 11-2021  Suddenly
this problem was fixed by blogger!

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Sonia said...

I noticed several things aren't working well in blogger. My photos weren't posting correctly and the font keeps changing. Thanks for the heads up about the's frustrating!