Thursday, December 30, 2021


 We are enjoying a quiet week and doing
a little reorganizing here and there.
It is an overcast day which is very
typical in Missouri in winter.  I don't
mind and actually find this relaxing.

I have set up a little tea for us today
where we can enjoy the backyard
views.  As you see, we have no snow
but winter is here.  It's about 48 degrees
today and supposed to be about 60 degrees
tomorrow and then get colder again.

Please enjoy a cup of tea and a
slice of Coconut Cake.  I have been
watching the squirrels go up and down
the giant cedar out back and they have
stripped the bark off much of it.  I see 
them carrying long pieces to their nests
which must smell really good but I am
concerned because after reading about
this on line, I see it can kill the tree if
they strip off a ring of it around the

Winter is a time to enjoy the birds and
we surely do.  After a succession of bird
feeders we have three that work, meaning the squirrels leave them alone. This one
below works.

 Two of them were more expensive but
 in the end are probably a savings as the squirrels just can't get on them and eat
 all the birdseed like they did with
 the old ones.

I just got a new cookbook which is by
the same person as Dinner With
Mr Darcy which I had shared before.
This one is Dinner with Dickens and
I love all the history in it:

We aren't rushing to get our Christmas
decorations down this year.  We may
enjoy them yet for a few days.

I was reading through some cookbooks
 and one was the Colorado Springs 
Gazette (newspaper) spiral cookbook from 1994.  However, after making the Coconut Cake recipe I was going to share, I  have decided I'd rather recommend  another
 recipe by Charlie Andrews which I think is


  1. Hey Bernideen!
    Your cake must be absolutely scrumptious, and those cookbooks sure look like enjoyable reading. Thanks for sharing all the sweet pictures.
    Blessings to you and your family in the New Year.

  2. Oh Charlie's cake! At one point, I was sure that he had made an error with the frosting. All that butter and confectioner's sugar! ☺️

  3. Lovely Tea you have for us. I believe slowing down and taking time to unwind is so very important for our health.
    Have a blessed new year,

  4. That coconut cake looks delicious!! Now I would love a piece! And your tea table setting by the window is so lovely. A perfect spot for a winter tea party! Yes, it is such fun to watch the birds and squirrels...and yes, we don't like the squirrels to get all the seed either, but I've kind of given up on fighting them. Maybe one day I'll get a different feeder that keeps them out. Your home is lovely. Thank you for sharing this delightful tea time with us. Happy New Year!

  5. Oh what a delightful tea, Bernideen! I’d love a slice of your coconut cake and chat with you. You always set the prettiest teas. ❤️


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