Thursday, February 10, 2022


 Today after a Dental appointment
for my husband in Kansas City,
we drove around Liberty, Missouri.
We wanted to check out a few of the
 very old homes in the area.

I Loved this blue one below right 
with the Gothic type
windows.  I could imagine
a white picket fence around
it with lots of flowers.


This home was under

So the downtown was your familiar
4 block square of old buildings with 
what we assumed was a courthouse
 in the middle.

This building below is now used for the
historical society and is dated 1877:

As we came around the square and turned
the corner we saw this old bank. 
The sign said that this was where the
 Jesse James gang did their first daytime
 bank robbery
in 1866.

It is now a museum:


Ginger Shaffer said...

I particularly like the green and white trimmed home. The green is either a mild olive green or a dark sage. Love the circular area of the porch and upper level deck (porch). I've always thought houses that have a mixture of stone and wood are really nice to look at. So many beautiful old homes in one place. I know you really enjoyed your drive. Good camera work!

Anonymous said...

How delightful to see the beautiful homes so lovingly tended. I love the downtown, thanks for the tour! Happy weekend. V.

Deanna said...

LOVED THIS!!! I'm going to have to go there and see the sights in person. SO glad you shared.

Lynn said...

It looks like it was a lovely sunny day for such a drive and some beautiful houses to show. Thank you for the tour because those are really some spectacular homes. Makes you wish you could see the insides.

Tammy H said...

You certainly have some great small towns in Missouri. Thanks so much for sharing pictures of the lovely historic homes and downtowns. It would be a great place for a vacation when the weather isn't too hot. 😉 Maybe we'll make it out there this year.

Vee said...

Charming gracious homes... The museum would probably be interesting, too.

Thelma said...

Nice tour. Beautiful big homes. Thanks for the tour.

Maria Rodrigues said...

Beautiful houses, I especially liked the first one.

Shelia said...

Hi Bernideen! Oh, those are some lovely houses. That is one of my favorite things to do, take a drive and looks at old houses. Thanks so much for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)