Thursday, May 19, 2022


 So today I went out and set up my
vintage folding table which is quite
a production.  It is very strange
how it works.  The umbrella goes
in the middle and there is a lace
tablecloth over the frame above.

I hope you will pour yourself
a cup of tea and enjoy one of
these tarts I filled with cherry pie
filling.  Even as I take my photos there
 are a few raindrops here and there
 so I am in a bit of a hurry today. I got
this old table at an antique mall years
ago in Colorado and it is a bit of a 
task to take apart quickly.  I imagine
it is from the 1950's.

We are enjoying some lower 
now after three days of over 90 degrees
 so this is wonderful.

I love when I can use my own flowers
and the peonies are starting to open
and the Japanese beetles haven't
 ravished the roses yet either.  I
know they are coming but I am
glad that they are not here yet.

I kept these English bone china
plates and cups and saucers that came
 out many years ago.  I did not keep the
teapot but think about it sometimes. 
 I think I have enough.


I don't have as many foxgloves this
year but am thankful for
the ones I do have.
This Crown Dorset
English Teapot is beloved.

The irises are at the tail end of their
blooming and we sure have enjoyed
them this year.    A friend gave me this
yellow and purple one which was
her mother's.

Foxglove tips:  They are mostly biennials
which means a seed grows into a 
small plant the first year and then the blooming and reseeding in the second
year and over with.  There are some
 perennial ones and they are usually smaller
 in size. When you purchase that big 
blooming plant you better enjoy it because
 it probably is already in it's second year.  (Sorry to say) 

I hope you enjoyed your visit.


  1. I don't think I have ever seen your lovely Dorset square teapot. I enjoy the look of it. Up here, the iris are just starting in full bloom. Mine are still in bud. Neighbor's peony are in bud also. I can see how the wind was whipping the umbrella lace!

  2. OH, I LOVE your beautiful lace umbrella! Did you create that yourself with the lace tablecloth? What a lovely idea! It adds such a perfect touch to your garden tea party. And the flowers are so lovely. I love peonies, but we can't grow them here in Florida. I love their fragrance almost as much as a rose! And the foxgloves! I just bought one today to plant in my new butterfly garden. I do hope it will be as lovely as yours someday. Do they come back each year? That will be so nice. I hope it survives here. Your teapot is exquisite! I've never seen one quite like it. Truly beautiful, as are all of the tea settings. Thank you for braving the rain to share this lovely garden tea party with us. I wish I could have sat there and enjoyed it with you!

  3. Oh the umbrella is so dreamy and romantic in your garden, Bernideen. I can see why the teapot is beloved. Of course, your garden is beyond beautiful! Yes, I’d love to sit and enjoy a cup of tea and a cherry tart. ❤️

  4. Absolutely stunning Bernideen! I haven't noticed that teapot before it is quite beautiful. We have had the same weather and it has been challenging me as a gardener. We will also get the Japanese beetles. I am going to spray the roses this year with something and see if I can fight them off. Your garden is looking just lovely!

  5. Bernideen,
    What a beautiful setting for Tea....
    The lace over your umbrella is lovely as is your tea set!! Thanks so much for stopping by!! We too are having a nice week of cooler temperatures here!!
    Stay safe, healthy and happy!!


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