Friday, June 17, 2022


 I want to have a little tea time by the hollyhocks before they are gone.

I set up a little table for our tea time
and chose a teapot I haven't used for
a while.  When I closed my shop years
ago I kept some pieces that I could use for
 my own tea parties.  I'd rather not use my
vintage English pieces for group type
teas in case of accidents.

  Because they are kept inside a cabinet, I
 tend to forget about some of these that are 
from China but are lovely too.

I don't remember making Hollyhocks
dolls myself as a kid. This video shows
you how.  I do remember that on the playground we made
 buttercup rings
 for our hair.

Hollyhocks love this humid heat
 but it also causes them to
 bloom quickly and be done. 
They certainly are reflective
 of times 
gone by.

Next week we could go over 100 degrees.
I am sure you are saying, no thank you.

Do you drink hot tea in the summer?

So, I could say all the usual things here
like "stay cool" and "stay indoors".  I did
catch a sale from Hoffman Media and have
lots of wonderful publications to read. 

 I hope you will 
consider my
 photo magazine
 publication this 
summer available 


Lynn said...

I really enjoy hollyhocks and see very few these modern days. I tried many times to start them from seed with out luck and just have not bought plants. Maybe I should. I do drink hot tea in the hot summer, but only in the mornings. I'm a cold unsweetened tea drinker later in the day. I see many of your flowers have survived quite nicely in this over 90 degree heat and the extreme humidity. I hardly ever have 90 plus even in July and Aug. so this week after week in early June and mid June are very unpleasant. Had tornadoes all around here for 2 days and lost power for 24 hours. Better than some here who are still with out. And thousands of trees lost. What a year.

Vee said...

Your hollyhocks are gorgeous! No, I seldom drink hot tea in summer, but I may this weekend when the temps drop back into the 60s.

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

You set such a glorious tea table, and the hollyhocks add the perfect backdrop setting and are just so beautiful! I have 2nd year hollyhocks growing in my garden, they haven't bloomed yet. I'm looking forward to their blooms! I will be having a tea party in my garden this week too. I hope my peonies will be blooming by then!

Tammy H said...

The garden is stunning as always. Your hollyhocks bring back memories of my former garden. They are so beautiful and I appreciate you sharing the blooms. Your garden always delights my day.
I do drink hot tea in the warm weather but not as often as when it's cold.

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

You set the prettiest tables, Bernideen! Those hollyhocks make such a beautiful backdrop. I drink hot tea every morning year round, but in the summer, I drink ice tea in the afternoon. Right now, I’m sipping some Raspberry ice tea.

Anonymous said...

Your Tea in the Garden is always so pretty and fun to visit. You have a wonderful way of putting things together. Your Hollyhocks are amazing! And now you can enjoy them even longer after they have gone; by having these pictures to look back on.

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Bernideen, another beautiful spot in your garden. Hollyhocks are a big favorite. So old fashioned. I used to make ballerinas out of fuschias in the good old days. I gave you a shout out on my post today. I really love your beautiful magazine..Happy Tuesday..xxoJudy

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Love to see Hollyhocks in the garden, they are such a quintessential English cottage garden flower. I drink hot tea year round, just as if I'm back in my homeland. Beautiful table settings, so inviting.

Jean | said...

I've never grown hollyhocks, but I love them. Years ago I lived down the street from someone with a white picket fence and cottage garden, and every time I walked or drove by, the hollyhocks made me smile.

PS Yes, I do drink hot tea in summer, no matter how hot it gets.