Thursday, July 27, 2023


 Over the last year I have been trying to learn new things on the computer.  I have my "senior moments" for sure but I am still pushing my brain.  I have designed some tea menu templates that you can copy to your computer and use.    I did watermark them as I am the one who did the work.  These are NOT for sale purposes but rather for your personal use to encourage 
you in the art of Afternoon Tea. Tea Rooms are welcomed
to use these also.  The 2 menu's can be printed on an 8.5 x 11 standard sheet of paper.


Queen Elizabeth:

Tea Time:

Queen Victoria:

And for
Lovely Ladies of Color:

I will share some more of these for
fall and Christmas.

We are presently going through a cycle
of 6 days of over 100 degree heat.
I hope soon to get out in the garden
for a photo shoot for "Tea In The


  1. What a thoughtful and lovely thing for you to do. Thanks

  2. These are beautiful! Thank you!

  3. Well thank you very much, Bernideen! They are just so lovely. I feel your pain with the hot temperatures. Ours will be here for awhile. 😞

  4. Beautiful tea menu templates! Thank you!

  5. So pretty! Thank you so much!


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