Thursday, January 15, 2009


I have enjoyed learning all I can about having Tea Parties and using the opportunity to enjoy time with other women. I started this blog
originally on Word Press but now am going
on blogspot and look forward to sharing
about tea time and hospitality and other

I lady name Frances Vollmer in our church
 in Burlington, Iowa gave me this china from Austria below back in the 1980's and that started me down a road and I mix and 
match it with other pieces.

 I learned as a young woman that Mexican food was very "affordable". Guess what? So is tea! I didn't always have beautiful Old Country Rose China! In fact, I just got this earlier last year "by chance" for my 40th anniversary...for many years I only had mix and match china.

(Originally there was a photo here
of my Old Country Roses China)

 One of my favorite out of print books....
You can learn so much
from reading tea books..
I hope you will consider
the possibilities of this
"interest" and get
started this year - 2009!


  1. Hi Bernideen! Yup, you definitely got the bling going!

    I really like the new blog's look. I laughed when I read about keeping your tea set on an old telephone table. I also have an old telephone's currently the home of my printer for the computer. Alas, I am not so classy and elegant as you!

    The fox is also very cool! Is there a hole in your fence? How does he get in and out of your backyard?

    Anyway, I like the site and I'll be back! Julie B

  2. You really set a lovely table with your china. I'm having the ladies at my Bible Study table for tea in February so I'll be checking out some of your recipes :0)

  3. Your tea setting using Old Country Roses is wonderful! That is one of my favorite patterns. I'm still loving your new blog. Blessings! Sharon

  4. gosh...the dining room image is lovely!

  5. Beautiful china --- I also have Old Country Roses. My husband bought it for me 'over time' (birthday's, Christmas, etc.). I also inherited my mother's set --- which she inherited from her father. So, it's quite a mix and filled with many warm connections.

    :) LaTeaDah


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