Friday, July 10, 2009


When I was a little girl I made mud pies outside with this blue willow teaset.....yes mudpies! If you speak with a lady who had a teaset during the 1950's - it was almost always a blue willow teaset.(See the legend of the blue willow on this blog.)

My 50's Sweet Sue Bride doll:

The pink and green set was one I found
in a junk shop in Wyoming.


  1. I had a Blue Willow teaset in the 1950's. The only piece remaining is a plate, but I have memories of serving "tea" to my dolls.

  2. Love seeing your children's teasets. I collect them too. The blue willow I have was my sister in laws. She didn't want it. Love to dream of having tea as a little girl. I think I am still a little girl at heart.

  3. These little dishes are lovely!
    So very sweet,

  4. Cute little teasets. I have found some cups and saucers but no sets.

  5. I have the blue willow tea set - complete. My grandfather brought it to Alaska when he came to visit, when I was 7. I was sick the day he arrived and was playing with the teaset in my bed and put my elbow on a saucer and broke it. I've searched and searched and searched for a replacement - mine is finer and more dainty than all that I've found so far. My grandson loved to play tea party with it when he was 4 and 5 - I miss those days now that he is 8 1/2 - don't forget the half. I also have a pine cone child's tea set - I always wonder who had it before me and make up stories about her tea parties, I think they were in the woods.


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