Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Last year I decided it was time to say goodbye to the old fake Christmas Tree! This year we have a white fir and I love it! I like a lot of space between the branches.  

I removed the antique lace tablecloths I had hanging in the window so the tree would show up better and guess what?  The lace was dry rotted from the sun and fell apart so now I guess we will be cutting those up for tea cozies.

  I am always willing to take a risk and do something knowing in the long run you might loose something.  I wear my Victorian Costume jewelry knowing occasionally I loose a piece.  I would still rather enjoy something than pack it up!


  1. I've been tempted to get a fake tree but I love the smell of a live one too much...me thinks!

  2. Oops forgot to say your home looks lovely Bernideen! enjoy...

  3. Good for you about the curtains and jewelry. I've saved too many things "for godd" or whatever and am now of the mind to use them until they're gone or pass them on to the next generation. We sure won't be using the when we're dead!

  4. I love a real tree too! Yours look so pretty in the big window and I like how it reflects in the mirror.
    Take care,

  5. Vert pretty and the snow outside looks like a scene from a movie.

    Just lovely!

  6. Very pretty decorations. I love the clown too. I have a couple of them and my husband thinks they are so ugly.

  7. I love the tree with the reflection in the mirrow.

  8. I so sure the tree smell wonderful! As it is lovely with the snow and the reflection. Oh, when you make the tea cozy I have just have to see it! OH, I just know it will turn out wonderful. I love costume jewelry and love to wear my collection of brooches.


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