Saturday, December 19, 2009


So many Christmas Punch recipes are about Cranberry Juice which is lovely but I want to share a different recipe I think you will love.

My helpers here are my grandkids and the photos are from last year...yes this is a repost but I think you will love it just the same.  This recipe was created by Betty Reames formerly from Des Moines, Iowa and I first had it at my son's baby shower over 34 years ago.  Everyone loved Betty's recipe!

Here is the recipe:  1 large can pineapple juice, 1 large can frozen orange juice, 6 bananas mashed, 1 quart 7 up or gingerale, 4 cups sugar, 6 cups water and a jar or marachino cherries.

My little - but now bigger - Lily and Pete are going to town here on the mashing! This would make a lovely tradition for your family!

Mix and freeze the pineapple and orange juices with the water and sugar the day or night before.  Whatever you freeze this in needs to be smaller than your punch bowl.  When ready for the punch - dump the frozen mass into the bowl and add the mashed bananas, chopped cherries and mash together to form a slush - pour the gingerale over this and enjoy!


  1. Delectable ... gotta try this one. Love the wee oens working diligently to create another memory. They are darling!

    Merry Christmas,
    TTFN~ Marydon
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  2. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Lovely cute!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  3. Mmmm! Holiday punch! it looks so festive and good!

    Have a great Pink SAturday!

  4. What a great punch recipe, Bernideen! My sister-in-law makes a similar recipe. Don't you just love the slushy consistency?

    Merry Christmas, my friend...Kathy

  5. Your little helpers look like magicians. That looks like a great recipe.
    Merry Xmas and I adore ALL your decorations....I scrolled all the way down...just beautiful. I LOVE your tree.
    Happy PS
    Love Claudie

  6. Wow that punch sounds really good... I think I will have to give it a go.... Happy Pink Saturday...

    Merry Christmas.


  7. Precious little children! Thanks for sharing the punch. Happy Holidays!

  8. I somehow missed this last year, so I am happy to see it now! And your grandchildren are adorable!


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