Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Early in the morning is a restful time to just gaze out on the garden....a time of refreshment, prayers and pause....

One of our squirrel friends stopped by for a nice drink of water from a lidless brown betty....

Time began you know - in a garden!

My Beatrix Potter statuary are right at home here.


  1. maybe that little guy was hoping for a drink of tea.... how cute.....

  2. I LOVE that cute little squirrel!! :) I think he was wanting tea too!

  3. I love this post yoru garden is so pretty, and the squirrel how sweet :) stop by sometime would love too have you.Cilla

  4. I thought you might have had peanuts in the teapot Bernideen and what a good idea that would be - make the squirrels work for their treats.

  5. Hello from Pittsburgh, PA -- I just discovered your lovely blog!! Oh my, your gardens are so so beautiful!! They are like a piece of heaven. We have so many deer in our neighborhood, they have destroyed all of my beautiful perennial gardens over the past ten years. I love your little squirrel! He just makes himself at home!! What kind of tea does he prefer? I have a couple of squirrels that come up on the deck and tease my 2 cats.
    I will have such fun reading your old and new posts. My friends and I enjoy visiting the various tea rooms in the greater Pittsburgh area. It is too bad that we don't live closer to you. Our squirrels could have a "play date"!
    If you have time, please take a peek at my etsy shop or my blog. You might like to look at my teacup wreaths in my etsy shop. Have a great day. Robin


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