Monday, June 11, 2012


Twigs -roses-yarrow-greenery and sage.......

Here...........let me help!


  1. First off, your wall pocket is GORGEOUS!!!! Those florals are amazing and you did a splendid job - love it so much!

    Secondly, that pic of the squirrel is award winning, you captured it perfectly! SO CUTE. (Though he is there mostly likely to wreak havoc on your lovlies!)

    Have a wonderful week, Bernideen!

  2. Hey! How'd you get that squirrel to pose so perfectly? I love the birdhouse, patina perfect!


  3. Very pretty! That curious squirrel is so funny!

  4. Hello Bernideen, I love your wall pocket - I have a couple very similar - Love the flower arrangement in it! The squirrel is just too funny! I appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  5. How funny -- and fun! Love the lush pink roses (David Austin, I suspect!).

  6. He's so big and adorable,what a lovely addition to your garden,I love your garden wall flower decoration! Just beautiful! Have a lovely day! x

  7. These little bird house are the cat's meow ( ha Ha) ...I'm painting birdhouses at the moment and love your variety of homes affordable to the birdies.. so TWEET !!!!...Hugs


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