Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I have prepared a little settee for you to sit and just "smell" the refreshing garden air.  You may stay and linger with a few older July issues of Victoria.  These are the treasures - the older issues that sweep you away to England.

 Speaking of England, have you seen the 2 seasons of Downton Abbey and do you look forward to seeing the 3rd season with Shirley McLaine? It should be very interesting seeing "what happens next".

I can always get inspired by the older issues
of Victoria.  The photography was so special 
especially with so many aperture photos.

I see I have another kitty who has
found my garden.

I love making bouquets and
now that I have a garden I don't
have to spend money for them
at the market.

This is the 4th summer for my garden.  I started it back in June of 2009 so depending on how you want to count it out which really is very young for a garden.  When I look back at several years ago - I am amazed at the changes that have taken place.

I know that I shall have challenges managing the Queen Anne's Lace but I shall do it!  I feel like I have lace doilies all over my garden!


  1. Hello Bernideen
    Yes, I can hardly wait for more happenings at Downton Abbey, and Shirley MacLean will certainly add some sparks.
    We have lots of QAL growing along the side of the road and didn't I find a plant last week with pink flowers! Oh, it was so pretty and I've taken a seed head to plant the seeds but am not sure if pink flowers will grow again. It was the only pink amongst all the whites.
    Thanks for hosting tea in your garden and I'm sure your friend appreciated the bouquet.

  2. Bernideen, your garden tea is lovely! I'm afraid my garden photos are few and far between this year given that critters have rather spoiled it. However, I hope that roses from my garden will suffice. Thank you for hosting.


  3. Hi Bernideen!
    Your garden is delightful A real English cottage garden!
    You must have quite a green thumb :-)
    I love your tea set up it is a very restful place to sit for a cuppa!!
    I'm having another giveaway if you'd like to stop by and see!

  4. Hi Bernideen. Your garden is lovely. Our area is just launching a Queen Anne's Lace eradication scheme. As we are an organic gardening area and QAL is a form of carrot, there is fear it will interbreed and cause problems. Who knew???! I think your garden is such a peaceful haven of beauty for you. You have done such a loving job!

  5. Your garden is lovely with all the pastel and I love Queen Anne's Lace! I love teapots myself although the only tea I drink is good cold sweet tea.

  6. Bernideen,

    Your garden is lovely and your tea outdoors is just so perfect.

    The bouquet you gave to your friend is absolutely exquisite!

    I hope she battles it with little troubles and gets well and becomes a survivor! Prayers for her!!

  7. Hello Bernideen, I am still taking my tea early because of the heat and humidity - but it is marvelous in the shade and I have a kitty visitor too who'd rather I pay attention to her! I do appreciate you hosting and hope you have a blessed week,

  8. Such a beautiful setting. I would love to visit and sit awhile in your garden. I bet the kitty loves visiting your garden with all the squirrels you have! Your bench is so lovely with the beautiful vase of flowers. Praying for your friend, seems like everyday I hear of someone who has cancer. Have a wonderful evening.

  9. Enjoyed my visit, so glad that I chose to look at your blog! Everything is just lovely!

  10. Hi Bernideen!
    I always love tea in the garden with you. :) I am addicted to Downton Abbey and have been having withdrawals! I don't know about Shirley Maclaine, I never cared for her, but she may add some interest.

    I love the older issues of Victoria too! The newer ones just don't seem quite the same.

    Hope you're having a TEA-rrific day!
    Sheri :)

  11. Love Love Love the tea garden. So pretty and inviting.

  12. Victoria is my favorite magazine! I was crushed when they discontinued it in 2003 but was so glad to see they brought it back again.

    I am a late comer to Downton Abbey, but nevertheless just as enthralled with it as everyone else. What an amazing show! Just finished season 1 on netflix. About to start season 2 on hulu. Cannot wait!

    Delightful blog you have here. Found you via your link on charm of the home.

  13. Hi, Bernideen. We had lots of long awaited rain today, so I had my tea inside and shared some old pics of my garden, instead. I think the thing I like most about your garden is all the different kinds of flowers and that it's very non-structured (like a wildflower garden). I love the weathered looking bench, too!! It fits well with the surroundings. Thanks for hosting!

    Ann @ Cairn Cottage
    “Better joy in a cottage than sorrow in a palace” Spanish Proverb

  14. You have an incredible garden! Gorgeous photos! Happy Summer!

  15. Bernideen,I have just discovered your lovely blog, Dear, and am now following you...♥♥ LOVE your kitty statue!!

  16. what a lovely bouquet of flowers, your friend will enjoy them. Such a pretty tea, thank you for sharing...

  17. Hi Bernideen,

    Your tea in the garden is lovely. Everything looks so cozy and I adore that little patch of Queen Anne's Lace.

  18. Your tea in the garden photos are beautiful and so is the lovely Old Country Roses china.

    Downton Abbey is a great series and I'm looking forward to season 3.

  19. Just popping in to say helo and wish you a most lovely weekend..Garden looks lovely as always...with love Janice

  20. How beautiful!! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!


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