Monday, June 3, 2013

CELEBRATING LILACS for "Tea In The Garden"

My lilacs aren't very pretty this year (the lighter ones in the bouquet) but I did find some that were dark, rich and thick.  The scent is heavenly!  Time to CELEBRATE LILACS because they are gone all to quickly!  My Flower Fairy will guard these for me.

It's a very sunny day as the sun rises on the east side which is our backyard.

I have an old embroidered topper with lilacs but I am using a Violet English Teapot and 2 Bavarian Violet Cups and Saucers - please forgive!

My vase is one of those old milk glass Anchor Hocking Planters - a recent $5.00 thrifting find!

I hope your week is lovely!


  1. Bernideen, Your lilacs are indeed wonderful! Love your violets too. What a beautiful table. The little touches make your tea extra special: the hat, the wellies...

  2. The contrast of the lights and the dark lilacs is gorgeous!

  3. So beautiful, Bernideen! Your tea table is so very pretty with the lilacs and your violet tea items. Your little garden fairy is a favorite of mine! What fun gardening boots you have! Thanks for hosting your lovely garden tea party!

  4. Hello Bernideen
    We both took advantage of lilacs for tea this week, wonderful weren't they? I like the tea set you're using and see three delightful butterfly dishes. The yellow print wellies in front of the table are cute, I imagine they've seen lots of gardening.
    Thanks for hosting.

  5. Oh this is all very beautiful. Thanks for giving me the update on your new blog address. I've put it into my reader so I'll be getting notified of any new posts you add. Love all the lilac!!

  6. Your tea table looks so pretty sitting in the yard..and your lilac are just gorgeous! Thank you so much for hosting another great party...hugs, Penny

  7. Your table in the garden is just beautiful! Love the boots too. :)

    I just posted Nancy's Kitchen Tour. She's an old blog friend of mine...I hope you can visit. :)

  8. The lilacs are pretty and wishing I had a bush! Darling boots sitting there. Beautiful embroidered topper and of course, the dishes and tea pot! So lovely to look at! Nancy

  9. Your tea things are always so special and beautiful.

  10. Hi Bernideen, I always love visiting your tea in the garden. Your lilacs are gorgeous and I love the angel presiding over your tea table. The embroidered topper is gorgeous and so is your tea service. Thank you for hosting.

  11. Hi Bernideen,
    Your teacups, teapot, tablecloth and lilacs are absolutely gorgeous! I love it all! Thank you so much for hosting "Tea in the Garden".
    Take care,

  12. un invitation très champêtre
    j'aime beaucoup les petites coupelles papillons
    c'est magnifique et très attirant
    bonne journée , sous les lilas

  13. Dear Bernideen

    Your lilac embroidered tea cloth is exquisite, as is the violet tea set.
    Where do you find these treasures?

    Thank you so much for featuring my "Bag" post last week - and for letting me know. I'm so sorry it has taken me this long to reply - very ungracious of me. No excuses for bad manners but you will see on my latest blog post I'm leaving in 10 days to spend part of the summer with my darling family in France. There is lots of sewing going on here... never enough time to fit everything in!

    Love your posts dear Bernideen - thank you.
    Shane ♥

  14. Hi Bernideen,
    your setting is so marvellous. I love the English Violet's tea pot. You always have such stunning china. Your lilacs in the case look beautiful. Its the pure summer delight to see this table. I have also problems with sun and shade when I take photos in the garden.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  15. Love all of your lavender!

    - The Tablescaper

  16. Your lilac garden theme is just beautiful. My mother-in-law's favorite color was purple, and she would have loved today's post. I'm not a gardener, but my favorite flowers in terms of fragrance are lilacs and lily of the valley. Honeysuckle smells wonderful too. Your tea-time tablescape is lovely! Very nice post!

  17. Bernideen, I love all your lilacs and violets. So much purple goodness! Your table setting is so lovely. ~Michelle

  18. Hello Bernideen,
    What a lovely outdoor tea time! I love lilacs so much, so your post is an extra delight for me. Your photos are really beautiful! My lilac bush did not have any blooms this year : (
    I can only hope this means that next year she will be full of blooms : )

    Thank you for your beautiful sharing.

  19. Just beautiful Bernideen!... I love Lilacs and Violets... I too collect vintage violet things... they are so sweet and your collection is stunning... I also love your pretty garden boots... yours is such a peaceful, serene place to visit... sigh... xoxo Julie Marie

  20. Bernideen, your table is just so full of romance and delicate treasures. It has truly captured my heart. The lilacs and violets are just perfection. Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos with us.

    Have a lovely week,


  21. I absolutely adore lilacs and yours are very beautiful. I do so love your teacups too and find it is OK if they aren't English. They remind me of my French set of china and the teacups that go with the set. The whole setting and color is quite beautiful!

  22. You are so right about lilacs , they don't last nearly long enough, do they? I have a few blooms on my lilacs, but the lilacs are giving way to so many other flowers striving for the attentio9n of the birds, bees, me...

    A lovely tea table . The violets are always blooming , if not in the gardens, on the teacups. Thank-you for hosting this tea time Bernideen !

  23. Hi my friend, have missed blogging....thanks for stopping by! This post is to die for! OH SO PRETTY. I think your lilacs are lovely. Ours have been gone for a very long time. Our warm spring brought them out really early this year. Cheers!

  24. What a stunning display! I love how you coordinated the lilacs and the lavender hued teawares and linens. Just delightful!

  25. Your Photos are just beautiful, I love your Tea pot and Embroidered table top...lovey photos Have a wonderful day with love Janice

  26. Hi Bernideen, I missed our tea this week because I've been at the cabin with no electricity/internet/phone and so had to wait till last night to post a post, but now I can catch up with everyone. Love your photos this week and especially love the sweet little butterfly shaped plates. I can't believe you have lilacs. Ours are over with for the season and I almost feel like I missed them because it rained and rained. Have you heard about the new fall blooming lilac cultivars? What do you think? It seems just wrong, doesn't it? Maybe lilacs should stay the ephemeral spring plants they are. Anyway, have a lovely rest of the week and big hugs to you. :)

  27. Oh My Gosh! Your Lilacs are stunning! What a fun tea setting. I'm so glad that you joined in for Fresh-Cut Friday! :)


    P.S. I should have a tea post next week! :)

  28. What an enchanting spot for tea! I love lilacs. You must be up North because they don't grow well down here in the Deep South. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to find them @ the flower market.

    Linking from Fresh Cut Friday,
    Ricki Jill

  29. woow.... LOVE the colours :)
    thanks for hosting...
    and do not miss.....


    it is FUN :)
    Håkan ( The Roseman)

  30. Hi, I love so much your tea in the garden! have a great sunday.

  31. I love your pictures. I would just love the cup with violets for my collection. So romantic. Will be following you

  32. I would love to grow lilacs, what conditions do they require?

    1. I suggest you just google "lilacs" and all sorts of info will come up for you. Good luck!


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