Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Last week we got as much rain in one week as we usually get in a year.  Wet - wet - wet was the best description I could give.  Yesterday it was 58 degrees out and damp and drizzling most of the day.  I am sure you have heard or seen on television about the flooding in our state.  I am so glad we have had no personal issues.  I hope I can get back out doors sometime soon for another Tea In The Garden setting after all this raining stops but for now
look who came for a visit in our yard:

  I saw him first through the kitchen window and thought "OWL BE...it's an owl for tea"! 
I have a little tea set up in the front living room area and some delicious pumpkin raisin

 I know this is silly!  He's the biggest bird I've 
ever had come to my bird feeder.  Actually - I think he was looking for something other than bird seed - maybe someone furry to eat and wouldn't you know - squirrels aren't the brightest little critters.

Come sit here by the window!
We will be drinking a nice cup of hot Yorkshire Gold Tea!   Would you like a Pumpkin Cookie?  I have the recipe RIGHT HERE if you like!  I always freeze some of these for later and I have some to share with friends. My bittersweet and pine cone tea set you have seen before.

A big fat Owl flew down for tea
His head turned all around.
A Squirrel watched him fearlessly
But stayed down on the ground.

"Could I have a spot of tea"
The wise Owl said to him.
"Why sure" the Squirrel whispered back
Trying to pretend....
You see, the Owl might we wiser
But this Squirrel's not so dumb - 
For if Owl gets any closer
This Squirrel's gonna RUN! 

Lovely hot tea is perfect for this cooler weather.  We have been using our furnace now at night.  I went through all my tea to check the dates on the tins and did have to toss some.  Old spices and old teas need to go!  


  1. What a great photo capture! At first, I thought it was a fake owl. Beautiful bird. Wonder what he was doing out during the day time. I'd love one of your pumpkin cookies. Want to let you know I'm praying for the CO flood victims.
    Hugs, Beth

  2. LOVE this post- wow I would shriek if I saw an owl that close to my house - but a good yell, I guess!

    I adore that china - I have it too, absolutely gorgeous - and you know I don't think I ever did a post of it last year. Going to have to change that, aren't I?

    We have perfect (at least for me) weather right now - and wouldn't you know I am so danged busy- too much to do an outdoor tea post.

    Sure enjoyed your early autumn tea, thank you!

    Sharing a tea luncheon I went to Friday in Indianapolis - some of my favorite and bestus friends in the world were there. I am so blessed.


  3. Well OWL BE is right, dear Bernideen! I would be hooting and hollering with excitement if I saw an owl in my yard. I loved your poem, too. Aren't you clever??!!I absolutely wish I had a pumpkin cookie right now and could share it with you, along with a cup of tea.
    Thank you for hosting and happy a wonderful week. xo

  4. Hi Bernideen,
    Thank you so much for hosting "Tea in the Garden Tuesday" all summer long. I looked forward to it and can't wait until next year! Your "Friends Sharing Tea" is once again lovely today! That china is such a perfect fall colour. I have never seen that pattern before. I love your gorgeous furniture too! Your photos of the owl are amazing! Have a wonderful week. Take care,

  5. Oh how wonderful to see that beautiful owl in your yard. Your tea set is so lovely and the cookies look yummy. Hope the rain stops soon.

  6. This is so awesome, Bernideen! I would stop everything I was doing to watch this magnificent owl! What a marvelous guest to our garden-tea! So delighted to join your party - appreciate you hosting and sharing,

  7. Bernideen! I didn't know you were a poet. That is darling.
    Best, Ruthie

  8. What beautiful photos of the owl in your garden. The tea table is perfect for a fall! I love your very pretty chintz tea set. My husband and I were just thinking of the lovely store you have and how sweet you were to bring him a snack to the car. You made our time in your city very special!
    Have a great week!


  9. I love this china! It is gorgeous! I also love your owl! How neat he came to your tea!

  10. What a shot you got of Mr. Owl! You are quite the poet too. I hope those little squirrels stay away with the owl there. Your tea set is so pretty, Bernideen, and your pumpkin cookies look wonderful with the icing. A yummy post for tea time! Thanks for sharing, hosting, and joining me for tea.
    I hope the rain lets up soon. Last week we too had an extraordinary rainfall although not so bad as what your friends and neighbors have been experiencing!


  11. Beautiful! I love your setting with the gorgeous china with orange flowers! I love that pretty white tray. Thank you so much for hosting.
    Big hugs,


  12. Love the poem! Is it a Great Horned? At our previous home we use had two regular visitors that perched on the walls of the courtyard, because the manner in which the vines grew up the courtyard walls created a ledge.

  13. What a treat to see the owl! Great pictures Years ago we had one hanging around for a few days. They really are an awesome bird. Where we spend the winter in Florida you can hear them at night. Cute poem, too! Your tea today is so perfect for autumn with that darling tea set! I am hungry for those pumpkin cookies! Thank you for hosting and hope you're weather improves!

  14. Hello Bernideen,
    What a surprise! You really got a treat with your newest bird visitor. Maybe he came for tea and a pumpkin cookie! lol! (they look delicious!).
    Your tea time is lovely. The tea pot and tea cups are such a beautiful design.
    I am glad you did not have any damage from the rain. We have finally stopped having rain almost every day and the yard is drying out. I may still get to get Bertha out for tea out doors yet....I can dream : )

  15. At first I thought that owl was a statue until I read further! I wondered how you were faring in all the floods in CO. Glad you are okay but feel so sorry for all those who have lost their homes or loved ones. Your cookies look yummy and the chicken veggie soup sounds good! Nancy

  16. Wow! That owl is gorgeous! And so is your tablescape (I wouldn't mind helping my self to a pumpkin cookie-yum!) :)

  17. Awesome pictures of the owl. Your tea setting is lovely and the treats look delicious....Christine

  18. Can't believe how huge that owl is! One time we had a baby owl slip down the chimney pipe and land in the Earth Stove. Luckily, it wasn't winter time! I'm going to make those Pumpkin Cookies--I love anything with pumpkin in it.

  19. That is a huge owl, glad you were able to get some photos to share. An interesting shot of the squirrel and owl contemplating each other which led to your cute poem. :-)
    You've created a lovely autumn tea table this week and I'd love to try one of your pumpkin cookies.
    I was thinking of you today as I grabbed a handful of Queen Anne's Lace seeds to bring home and sprinkle in my moon garden.

  20. OMG!!! I would flip to see a big ol' owl in my yard in broad daylight! These are fantastic photos with that squirrley squirrel! Your tea things are so perfect for fall. We have had the crazy rain too. AN exciting change, but like you we're glad to have escaped with no trouble. I'm thinking more about tea these days!

  21. Love love love the owl photos! and your poetry! Such a fun post to discover today!

  22. I cannot believe you had an owl at your feeder! WOW!
    I have been worried about you. My hubby was meeting friends from Illinois in Idaho and they were delayed a day in Colorado due to road conditions. You must feel waterlogged by so thankful that all is well.
    Great post.

  23. Wow! An Owl at your feeder - that's trully amazing!

  24. Love the wonderful shots of the owl! And then to get the squirrel, Too ... amazing! Great photos.

  25. Amazing photos of that owl -- and I thoroughly enjoyed your poem!!!

  26. Oh what amazing photos ! An owl and a squirrel, a little mini-drama right in your own backyard. A Beatrix Potter story in the making, except it's a Bernideen story. The poem is perfect. This would make a sweet little children's book.

  27. I forgot to mention, I love the cheery tea setting !The colors are perfect for this season.

  28. Hi Bernideen, just when I was going to join you for tea time, I missed my chance this week. I will try again next week. I love your owl poem and boy oh boy, an own came to visited you for tea? And a squirrel? These are novelty to me. All I have in our garden are magpies, kookaburras and lots of other native birds. And nice table setting too. Thank you for hosting.



  29. Love, love, love seeing your owl come for tea.
    Lucky you for sure. I would be so excited if an owl came to tea.
    Loved also your poetry.


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