Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Don't you love it when fall comes and fruit and vegetable stands are loaded with their produce?  Today we have a weather change - it will only be in the 60's and this means a big drop in temperature!  September is here and soon the leaves will be changing.  

As you can see, the Queen Anne's Lace is going to seed. It doesn't look very nice
but I am hoping to have plenty of seeded
plants again.

I've been pulling out my fall cookbooks and files and making baking plans.  Doesn't an Apple Pound Cake sound wonderful or some Fall Harvest Muffins.  We love the smell of wonderful things baking in the kitchen........ah........and so do you!

I have set up a little tea time quickly as we
 are also expecting some rain today too.
It is quite overcast but we can still
take a few moments for a cup of tea
and nibble on a blueberry muffin.

Summer has come and gone in a flash -
so gather your flowers before the fall blast
Turn on your oven and pull out some tea
Fall colors scream "welcome - come see"!


  1. Hi Bernideen,
    I love your Tea in the Garden today. The white teacup and tea pot are so pretty! That pastel pink tablecloth is gorgeous! I will be very sad when Tea in the Garden is over for another year. I was so hoping that the rain would stop so that I could have another outdoor setting and what do you know... the sun came out again! Hooray! Thank you for hosting! Have a wonderful week! Take care,

  2. A beautiful tea in the garden. Love the sweeping table cloth flowing on the ground and even the Queen Anne's Lace going to seed. Blueberry muffins and tea on a fine autumn approaching day is just perfection.

  3. How sweet your tea table looks with the lace draping down over the grass, Bernideen. So charming! I find the Queen Anne's Lace is still pretty even when it is going seed, don't you? I love the green pods. A lovely tea setting, as always. Thanks for joining me for tea and also for hosting.


  4. Your table is lovely. And the food sounds delicious. We don't really have Fall here in the deep south, so it is hard to feel the season. But I love the warm colors.

    Jocelyn @ http://justalittlesouthernhospitality.blogspot.com

  5. Hello Bernideen,
    You are all set for fall. Your table looks so delightful with the white china pieces and your autumn theme setting. I am in love with your lacey underskirt! Oh my but that is gorgeous! Your tea table looks so very beautiful in the garden today.

  6. What a beautiful tea table for September Bernideen! Your linens are just fabulous.

  7. Your tea table is so beautiful all decorated for fall. Love your lace tablecloth and the little guy sitting in the basket. It feels good to start baking again now that we have cooler temps. Love your beautiful autumn garden as your blog header! Thank you for hosting your garden tea party!

  8. I see a few queen anne's lace still blooming in your garden and the rest will be folding into the little nests the seed heads create.
    I've already been baking, and made a pot of carrot soup yesterday. Of course then, it was cool and today is an extremely different hot and humid.
    I like the title of the cookbook 'Flavours for Fall'.

  9. Bernideen, your harvest tea outdoors is absolutely gorgeous!

    I sure hope to get those cooler temperatures you are having - it is in the high 90s with the worst humidity ever today - too hot to even go outside.

    You did a beautiful job with this tea time, it is such eye candy!!

    Thanks much for hosting. Hugs.

  10. Hi dear Bernideen, I love your header and I love your tea for today. I'm not ready for touches of Fall yet with our high temperatures. Hopefully, we'll get a break soon.

  11. I recently made up some yummy pumpkin/chocolate chip muffins! Nancy

  12. The transferware plate with the fruit design is beautiful!

    1. Thanks - I have been collecting this for a couple years and now have 10! Thanks for visiting!

  13. Hello Bernideen
    Well I can see you are making the most of the good weather while it lasts!
    Your setting is lovely and that autumn themed plate fits the bill!
    It's all topsy turvy where I am 12,000 miles away in New Zealand - we have welcomed Spring but it's currently quite cold - no tea outdoors yet!

    Thank you for hosting your lovely party.

  14. Oh, Bernideen, your tea in your garden is so lovely! Love the little basket with the little cutie sitting in ti. Your tablecloth and lace is so pretty too. I love those cookbooks and yes, I'd love an apple pound cake! Thank you for inviting me to join your tea party although I'm in my den and not outside - it's still almost 90' here! ;)
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  15. Bernideen, I lobe your table, especially that plate. I've managed to collect a few mix and match pieces of china all with a brown transferware look and all with a slight pink, yellow and green in there somewhere. My idea is to set a lovely autumnal table with these mixed up pieces. Your header looks beautiful too. Oh my, you're nicely set up for autumn. I'm still working on it...lol. Hugs and have a lovely week. :)

  16. Hi Bernideen,
    Fruits are the lovely thing of autumn. I love this time with fruit colors and fuity aromes in the air. You have set your table wonderful. All the fruits on the beautiful transferware plate and tablecloth are so pretty. And your garden is changing to autumn, too. I guess the squirrels are around the garden and waiting for the nuts. All is so lovely. Thank you for sharing this nice tea time and for hosting this sweet event.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  17. Ahh...I do love this time of year. Beautiful settings, Bernideen.

  18. Bernideen, Your Harvest Table looks beautiful. I love how you've set the table for an Autumn Tea Theme. I always love looking at your garden and getting wonderful ideas. A blueberry muffin sounds good right now. Thanks for sharing. Happy Wednesday!


  19. What a beautiful harvest table sweet lady! Fall is beautiful and you have inspired me with such a lovely setting and tea with a blueberry muffin sounds heavenly! Thank you for the lovely tea party!
    Big hugs,

  20. Your garden looks so pretty, Bernideen, and your tea table beautiful. Yes, apple pound cake sounds good!!! It's time for pumpkin and apple desserts and decor! Be blessed, Beth

  21. I'm looking forward to fall as well and will enjoy seeing what recipes you post. The Apple Pound Cake sounds like a good place to start -- for me anyway!

  22. Hello Bernideen, I love the romance of this tablescape with the tablecloth draping the ground - the gorgeous dishes and beautiful flowers just set it off marvelously - I do adore this time of the year and the bounty of the harvest! I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,


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