Tuesday, May 20, 2014

TEA IN THE GARDEN: "Victoria Day Tea"

Welcome to my first 
"Tea In The
 Garden" for
the season.

  It is a lovely day for Tea In The Garden and we are celebrating the exit of our snowy days!
The garden is still looking very sparse but we
are grateful for what we do have.

  We are honoring Queen Victoria today with my tea time celebration.  I am very fond of the memories of her and her reign and influence on tea time.

Please choose a teacup that catches your
eye and pour yourself some tea.

I brought out my Victorian
tipping teapot to enjoy
for this special occasion:

  Let's celebrate a favorite Queen
for served over 60 years.  It seems
she and her husband Prince Albert
 definitely contributed many positive
changes to
their era.

  I am also fond of vintage linens and crochet pieces.  It is no secret that I adore Beatrix Potter and that is why I have a small Beatrix Potter Cottage Garden.  Of course our season is really behind everyone else's since we just had snow May 11th!

We have a Mother's Day frost date in Colorado and it snowed on Mother's Day all day long and into Monday.   I think it is never too late to learn things but I seem to be relearning that "don't plant too early thing" again!   Perhaps later blooming lilacs and tulips would do better here as the snow gets them every time.


  1. Love the new hedgehog in the garden. How wonderful to see you back in the garden after your last snow. Lovely tea table.

  2. Hi Bernideen,
    The Link up worked today! Hurray! Your tea in the garden is so lovely. The Old English Rose teacup and Serena teacups are my favourites! Thank you for hosting Tea in the Garden today! I have been eagerly anticipating outdoor tea times for months. Have a happy week! Karen

  3. Beautiful!

    We have a Mother's Day frost date, too. And we had frost for a couple days this week for the first time I can ever remember!

  4. Had a frost warning last night but it didn't occur thankfully. Still not really ready to sit outside for any length of time.

  5. Hi Bernideen,
    I am amazed that your garden is blooming so nicely. Hopefully the cold is gone. Your garden party looks wonderful.
    I would love to link (http://silber-rosen.blogspot.de/2014/05/hochster-porzellan-manufaktur.html) in but I cannot see the linkup.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  6. Your garden tea is lovely, Bernideen. It must be wonderful to have a garden and have it grow beautifully for you. We had a garden in our back yard but the crows ruined it on us. So we just have one little garden at the top of our drive way now. They leave that one alone and I'm so happy about that!
    Love your table covering and all the different pieces of china; just beautiful! Thank you for sharing.


  7. I do not see the link up either :-( Love your beautiful tea setting.

    Jocelyn @ http://justalittlesouthernhospitality.blogspot.com

  8. I love your garden tea and the china is gorgeous

  9. Oh Bernideen, your tea cups are so pretty and you have so many pretty ones. Your garden is perfect for your tea. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a wonderful week.

  10. How nice to be out in the garden already. The weather has been nice here but I've been busy in the gardens but look forward to sipping outside myself.
    Thanks for hosting.

  11. What a lovely tea in the garden to celebrate Queen Victoria! It has been unusual here this year too. Finally everyday for the next week it will be in the 80's. Everything is blooming crazy at once. It has been beautiful!
    Thanks for hosting!

  12. I'm happy to see that your out in the garden, Bernideen! Oh how I'd love to visit with you in your yard and have a cup of tea, my friend. Thanks for hosting and enjoy your week.

  13. Sweet to have a hedgehog visiting your garden. I so appreciate old things and this tea strainer is one to love. Imagine the use it has seen over the years? Your garden tea is lovely and thank you, I poured myself a cup and walked about the garden while you were talking, enjoyed myself and the tea, thank you.

  14. What a lovely blog, I love all the photos, especially the tea in the garden!!! I would love to sit down for a spot of tea!! I found you on The Charm Home in comments.

    I would like to invite you to stop by my Wordless Wednesday to share your lovely blog
    Oh My Heartsie Girl
    Have a wonderful week.

  15. Your garden looks so peaceful. I love all the tea cups you shared today. Have a wonderful week. Hugs, Martha

  16. Oh, Bernideen, I am so excited you are back to having tea in your pretty garden!

    I had every intention of trying to do this too this week - then it rained sunday and monday.....and then Tuesday I had appointments all day (and it was perfect!) And today it threatened rain all day, but never did but was glooomy.....so hopefully soon.

    SO pretty. I love your new antique tea strainer, it's unique!

  17. Oh, my! A quilt covered bench in the garden....with china cups and a hedgehog! Wonderful. Happy tea time :)

  18. I'm so happy to see Tea in the Garden is back! So many pretty things here, from that gorgeous Wedding Ring quilt and your new teacup to the pretty antique tea strainer! I love that -- wish I could find an old one in that style; compared to yours, the new ones are just too bright and shiny, aren't they?

  19. What a beautiful theme for your first 2014 Tea in the Garden. I love all your beautiful teacups and your Beatrix Potter Cottage Garden is absolutely lovely. ~ Phyllis

  20. Hi Bernideen! Oh, your garden is so lovely and it's the most beautiful spot for a tea. You always set the most beautiful tables and you have the loveliest of tea things! Thank you so much for popping in to see me and your sweet comments on our new adventures.Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  21. Beautiful! Your garden is so lush and green :) Here in Canada we are only just starting to see the seasons change!

  22. Dear Bernideen,
    thank you so much for reentering me.
    Blessings, Johanna

  23. Oh dear , late for the party! but glad to be here! Your garden is just lovely, as are all your tea accoutrements! Love your little hedgehog friend too! Everything looks delightful!

  24. Thankyou for your invitation! I love your blog!

  25. I have been away this week, so I am joining late. I wish I was in your garden for your Queen Victoria Tea! I have never seen a Victorian tea pot before and am in love! What a lovely wedding ring quilt (one of my favorite patterns!!). You have such an eye for arranging!

  26. What a lovely tea party, I love all of your vintage goodies and garden treasures! :)

  27. Bernideen, I am always so excited when you start having tea in the garden. Always such a treat! Love, love that quilt. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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