Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Last night I set the dining room table with a pansy theme.  Last week I shared a personal sized cream and sugar and so I am also sharing a little Tuscan Pansy set today.  I now have these 2 sets that are personal sized and here is one on my springtime table:

We still don't have a lot of blooms going on but I have seen some lilacs around town.  One of the things I have observed is that lilacs bloom at different times,  even in the same area. There must be many different species - early bloomers and late bloomers.

 The Crab Apple trees are blooming in my subdivision right now.  I love the pink ones and I believe the white ones are the flowering - non - fruit bearing ones.  Over closer to the mountains I have seen some flowers blooming in yards but here at my house it was spitting snow yesterday morning.  I do see that plants are coming up so I am excited about that.

I have some love English Crown Dorset Pansy
 dessert plates I am sharing:

A little poem from 365 Things Every Tea Lover Should Know:

I'm sending you love and tea,
To warm your winter's day
Think of me as you pour your cup
And all the good things we would say.
If we could be together now
Instead of miles apart,
We'd sip our teas and memories,
The sweet warmth fills the heart.
Susan Young

A Loving Recipe for a Perfect Cup of Tea

1 - willing friend who loves to sit and share
1- grateful heart to have a friend that cares
1- beautiful garden to show us God is near

I hope you have a pleasant week.
  Join me in prayer for a world in great turmoil.


  1. What a pretty linens and doilies! I do love your pansy teapot with the matching teacups. You have set a lovely tea table, Bernideen.

    We have snow falling at the moment and it is looking like March outside my window. Thankfully it won't stay long. Farmer's fertilizer, they call it. I'm sure even our farmers think we've had enough 'fertilizer.'

    We have many folks from Nepal going to our church and yes, it is a very sad time.

    Thank you for hosting and joining me for tea. Enjoy your day.


  2. What beautiful cups on your post this week - pansies are one of the sweetest old fashioned flowers we all love!
    A lovely poem and quote and yes I'm joining you in prayer in the hope that people world wide will hear the word of God and be at peace.

    Thank you for hosting dear Bernideen

  3. Hi Bernideen,
    You have set another lovely table for tea.
    It sounds like you will soon be in the garden again.It is nice to see those blossoms again.
    It is snowing here today but I am happy to say it looks better for the rest of the week. We have our first tour from Japan next week and I feel bad for them we are having such a late spring this year.
    Thanks for hosting,

  4. Yes, prayers are need for this struggling world.
    Lovely, lovely pansies make me smile. Thanks!

  5. Hi Bernideen,
    I just love your spring pansy theme today and what a collection you have. Your table setting is so lovely and that teapot's colours are very rich. Purple and green look so beautiful together - those are the colours in my family room. What a pretty poem - I hope that someday we can share tea together. Happy Tea Day and thank you for hosting! Karen

  6. Beautiful post this week Bernideen...I love anything lavender! Have a great week...hugs...

  7. Oh Bernideen, I love your pansy themed dining table with your lovely luncheon plates, the gorgeous teapot and the pitcher with the violets. Your linens are always outstanding, and of course, I adore your hubby's tiered plate stands. The poem you've shared is absolutely perfect for our teatime friends. Thank you for hosting your wonderful party.
    P.S. The stained glass piece is so pretty and I loved seeing it's reflection in the mirror.

  8. A delightful collection of pansy things for your tea table Bernideen.
    I'm going to copy the poem and recipe, they'll come in handy for some of the tea cards I make.

  9. All of your mixed pieces are quite lovely together!

  10. OMGOSH--- Lavender and pansies and pretties- OH MY! What a beautiful post- each picture prettier than the next. Praying for some solutions to this tired old world of hatred and violence along with you- xo Diana

  11. Very nice, Bernadette!

    We're supposed to have temperatures in the high 10s (degrees Celsius) for the rest of the week which is definitely a welcome change from last week's chilly and wet weather!

  12. Just beautiful Bernideen! I love the doily that the personal sugar and creamer is sitting on. Everything is lovely and contributes to your theme. And that mirror in your room is gorgeous. Can't wait til our lilacs bloom, they smell heavenly.

  13. Everything is simply wonderful - the flowers on the tea cups, teapots and cream and sugars are delightful. I do so love spring.

  14. Such a pretty setting. pansies are such a sweet little flower,like violets.

  15. Your tablecloth is lovely.... the poems shared are even more touching! Luv ya!

  16. Your table is beautiful Bernideen! Thanks for hosting!

  17. The china with the touches of purple and lavender is beautiful. xoxo Su

  18. Bernideen, those are gorgeous settings! All the various shades of purple are not for me as far as clothing goes, but I do love them in china! I have just a few pieces an they'll be coming out soon for a tea party in the gazebo. The cake I linked today goes perfectly with a strong black tea like Assam or English Breakfast.

  19. Everything on your dining table speaks spring. How lovely is that pansy teapot and the matching cups and saucers. The napkins and doilies are so sweet and feminine. I am a little jealous with your wide range of tea pretties in the US. I haven't seen something like that here in OZ. But I am glad that I could enjoy them through your posts.
    Hope to see some blooms from your garden soon.
    Enjoy your weekend Benideen.


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