Monday, May 4, 2015


Last week on Monday, April 27th we began something wonderful at my shop. - After 28 years of having a tea and gift shop called "Bernideen's"  we started a going out of business sale.  This is not a bad thing but rather the beginning of a new chapter in life.  They call this retirement although I plan to be very busy. 
 I love to do so many things!

One of the things I love to do is go to antique malls and flea markets and relax with my husband.  Yesterday was a beautiful day and after church we ventured to Denver where I found this darling Arthur Woods teapot at a very large antique mall.

So what does one do with ones self when you no longer have to go to work?  Well, here are just a few things:  bake, cook, garden, sew, go antiquing and flea marketing, grow some plants from seeds, can some jams and pickles later in the summer, go to a farmer's market, go to yard sales, make things for the family for Christmas, learn to make birdhouses, visit all the garden centers, take some classes, take a photography class, get to do ordinary chores when you aren't so tired and on and on!  No, there is  just one more very important one: having time for hospitality and ladies over for tea.

I apologize for the lamp to the left with no shade - still waiting on that!  My table below had lots of old tea stains which all came out with a good wet brushing with baking soda.  I have cleaned up several lately with that and it seems to work well.

I am also sharing another "Afternoon Tea Tray" below that my husband made for me.  I am so spoiled as I now have 6 everyday ones and 3 seasonal ones.  I think I have a preferred choice of a levels with a luncheon plate on the bottom, then a dessert and a butter plate on top. 

With spring upon us we now have a lovely green backyard so I hope to start up "Tea In The Garden" soon.  Remember that in the winter this blog party is called "Friends Sharing Tea" but soon it will be switching to "Tea In The Garden"  I would love for you to link at the bottom anything about tea please.

I am sharing my blog at these other parties:
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May is always such a welcomed month. 

 I wonder what the least welcomed month is? 
 I guess it all depends on where you live.


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Bernideen, I'm happy for you that you will soon be able to do all those things that you enjoy. I love those teacups in your first picture and you found a wonderful teapot. The tea trays are lovely too and I like the mix of patterns. Thank you for sharing and joining me for tea. Have a beautiful day.


Beth in NEPA said...

Congrats on entering a new phase of your life! I am only sort of there as I still open my antique shop a few days a week. But I love having freedom to NOT open if I don't want to.

My Cottage Diary said...

Congratulations on your upcoming retirement, Bernideen! I bet you will absolutely love it. I have only experienced snippets of retirement time so far, but having a day or days to do with as you please is wonderful. Like you said, there are so many fun interests to occupy ourselves with. Blessings, Bess

Nora @ Teacup Tales said...

Wow Bernideen, that is very exciting news! Congratulations! I just loved reading your list of retirement activities. Work gets in the way of many of those things, doesn't it? Having the time to share tea with your friends will be so wonderful and valuable.
I really like the tea trays your husband made.
Have a great tea week!

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Well, what wonderful news, Bernideen! I'm so happy for you and that you'll be free to do whatever you please. Exciting times are ahead for you.
Your tea today is so pretty and I do love your new teapot, and of course, your hubby's tiered trays. You should sell those online after your closing sale.
Thank you for hosting and best wishes for your going out of business sale.

Beth said...

Congratulations on your upcoming retirement, Bernideen! You will love it and it will not be a problem keeping busy - you have many interests and hobbies. Your 3 tiered servers are beautiful. Your living room looks inviting. Time to continue to enjoy life!

Vee said...

Congratulations on retiring! You sound as if you'll be as busy as ever. Your tea tables are always so pretty.

Parsimonious Perfection said...

Your retirement sounds like one I'd enjoy! Congratulations! Your tea is lovely, especially the beautiful gold detail. Your chaise looks like the perfect place to sit and have a sip, and the stand your hubby made is so sweet!

Margie said...

How exciting! Happy Retirement, Bernideen! Now it's time to relax and do all the fun things that you've always wanted to do!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Bernideen, you'll be so busy you'll wonder when you had time to work. Enjoy doing all the things you love, wish I could be one of the ladies invited over for tea.

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi Bernideen: Your home is so beautiful. I always love to take a peek at it. Your tea tray is just stunning. Have a wonderful Mother's Day. Hugs, Martha

Ruthie Miller said...

Congratulations on your retirement. (I wish I was there for the sale-ha ha). May you have many healthy years of enjoyment. Bless you, Ruthie
What a lovely teapot!

Karen said...

Oh Bernideen,
I am so happy for you! Congratulations on your retirement! You will absolutely love it Now you can go thrifting everyday! Lol! Your teapot is beautiful as is your gorgeous living room. Your furniture is so elegant and classy! Everything looks very inviting! Happy Tea Day and Thank you for hosting! Karen

sandy said...

Everything is so beautiful! I love all the fun ideas you have for retirement! Sounds like good times!

Marilyn Miller said...

How exciting! You will love "retirement" and wonder how you ever got anything done when you worked. Congratulations!

Johanna Gehrlein said...

Dear Bernideen,
this are interesting news in your life. How exiting your plans are. You will very busy again, cooking, baking and makins great discoveries in antique malls. I hope you have more time for tea parties and nice things now. The table you have set is very nice. Your whole home is so comfortable and cosy. Thank you for sharing this wonderful tea time and for hosting this charming event.
Best greetings, Johanna

janice15 said...

I just love your new teapot that you found. I havent seen one like it. Lovely two teacups everything looks wonderful. The weather is warming up and im ready for those Tea in the Garden days. I'am sure you will find a lot to do for your retirement days to come. Blessings Bernideen

Valerie Zagami said...

I am so happy for you Bernideen to begin a new chapter in your life. Knowing you I am sure you'll be busier than ever and have many adventures to share.

Tootsie said...

I have the same settee! I did mine over in green velvet and I just adore it! I also have two small chairs that match it. I love your blog...very pretty photos!

Angela McRae said...

Congratulations as you begin your next adventure! I don't think people with imaginations (like you have) are ever lacking for new things to do, so I look forward to seeing what grand new things you explore in your next chapter. Oh, and I also think this is one of the prettiest Arthur Wood teapots I've ever seen!

The Charm of Home said...

Happy retirement Bernideen! you will be having a lot more time for tea!! i am sure we will enjoy that. Thanks for sharing at HSH! !