Thursday, September 17, 2015


Just a few photos of fall decorating around the home. 
 Many items are reused from year to year with a few new pieces here and there.

Can you guess which is the real bittersweet and which is fake?

I have tried to quit buying vintage whimsy but it
 just finds a way into my heart and home
 such as these little English cottages!

Hope your week is peachy!
 (the basket held the real thing!)


  1. Lovely displays for Fall!

  2. Bernideen, you have the prettiest tea things for autumn - that cabinet full of awesomeness is a sight to behold!

    You are all set now! It all looks so very pretty!

  3. I can tell that you're enjoying retirement, Bernideen! I just love how you decorate and I so enjoy seeing your whimsy and vintage items. Those thatched cottage teapots are making me sigh...they're so pretty and I so love your brown transferware for Fall. Your Fall Welcome Lady on your porch always makes me smile.

  4. I loved seeing all your brown transfereware! I didn't realize u had so much, so pretty especially for this time of year! I looked closely in your darling cupboard and I see I have two tiny pitchers like your larger one. I also just found a small teapot like yours with the cottage scene. Mine is Authur Wood and Son.

  5. Hi Bernideen, such pretty Autumn vignettes, I like your cabinet with all the English dishes and all. I like bittersweet, it really is hard to tell which is the real thing.
    Have a great day!

  6. Very nice. I love the fall colours especially the little houses.

  7. Bernideen! I love the front porch, the transferware, and that little owl!! So adorable! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  8. Very nice, Bernideen. I have a soft spot for whimsical items too!


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