Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Lately, I've been doing some really important things......boring.......but important.  I have
had the job of steadying the ladder while my
husband paints up high. 

 We have those 17' cathedral ceilings above walls 
being painted in 2 rooms in our house
 and 12' in the master bedroom. 
 I imagine many of you never knew we had one of these?
I don't usually photograph him with my teapots or teacups. We found him (actually maybe a her?) in Casper, Wyoming many years ago but he/her is also a Colorado thing for sure and
 will stay here in repose with the house ready for a 
new owner who surely will love him. (at least a man will)

Since their is no furniture left in this room -
 we temporarily put the television on top the wood stove.
We are waiting to hear from the carpet
 people and the kitchen people.

Houses and situations are so different from one another 
where ever you live.  Where we live
in Colorado everyone has a privacy fence,
 the houses are very close side by side 
and everyone has a sprinkler system
 to water their yard.  For example, if you live in
 Texas -
 every subdivision has a swimming pool!

Oh and I have had some more jobs: moving the lamp around the room following the paint job, washing the switch plates, plug in covers and heat vent covers that go in the floors.  How fun! 

 While doing this difficult task for hours Sunday afternoon,  I watched  a lot of  GAC (Great American Country) which is a channel that carries "Flea Market Flip" on Sunday afternoons .  Now here is a program that I adore!  Have you seen it? The program features Lara who introduces 2 groups of 2 people who are given $500.00 each group to spend at a huge flea market. They go out and find 3 assigned tasks to create 3 things which they then work on and try to sell at the same (?) flea market on another day.
If you haven't seen this and you love DIY I think you should as it is very interesting.

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kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

What a guy, your dear hubby is, Bernideen! We had ceilings that high in our home before this one, with beams across the top. My late beloved painted them with scaffolding and I honestly couldn't watch him do it. It frightened me so!
Yes, I like Flea Market Flip, too! It's fun to see what the partners come up with.
Good luck with all that renovating.

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Oh what lovely work you are having done - so many projects.

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

So hilarious, just this afternoon I cleaned all our switchcovers - my brilliant hubs had the good idea of just putting them in the dishwasher - and wow, talk about bright and clean - sorry to just be telling you now, haha.

I am having a terrible time picking a white color for all of the halls, foyer, great room and loft.....all open.....I just can't get it right and I am going
MAD. I am looking for a neutral white that doesn't read grey, green, blue, lavender, pink - if it has to read an underlying color maybe beige - and I cannot find it. I am even praying, I have to decide right now! UGH!

Well keep up the good work and give your sweet hard working hubs a hug from me. Then give yourself one, too. ♥

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Hi Bernideen! Wow, you do have high ceilings! Yes, holding the ladder is an important job to keep hubby safe! :) Your deer head cracks me up, up there on the wall! You could have hung teacups from his/her antlers! lol
I read your comment on Linda's blog about getting rid of your kid's things, awww-that makes me sad for you.
See you soon,

Martha said...

What a trooper your DH is! And yes, I love Flea Market Flip although I'm not always fond of what they flip!

Anonymous said...

Oh those high ceilings. Holding the ladder is an important job. I do enjoy that flea market flip show....

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

It's so high on the ladder. I hope he is almost finished. What a job!
It sounds like a cute tv show.
xoxo Su

Curtains in My Tree said...

I use to have one of those deer heads hanging in my living room years ago

There would be people here in Missouri impressed with him hanging in your new house i'm sure

janice15 said...

Who knew.. You would have never know from your pictures.. Lots of work.. Ur hubby seems like such a great person.. Cant wait to see your new place with love Janice

Marilyn Miller said...

Good luck with all that work. Hope your house sells quickly for you.

Rosemary said...

You have been busy!

Art and Sand said...

I can't believe your husband is climbing up the ladder to paint. Our painting is taking several years because we aren't confident about being on ladders any longer and we can only afford to have someone else paint a few rooms at a time.

I liked your comment about things being different around the country. California beach towns have houses very close together because property is at a premium. We joke with our next door neighbors that if we stretched our arms out the windows, we could probably grab hands. It's a good thing we love our neighbors.

thanks for sharing at SYC.

Stephanie said...

Ah yes, the delightful wildlife of Colorado. We have a few gracing our home as well since my dear husband is a hunter and that it the meat we use to feed our family. I, like you, don't often photograph them with my tea cups {{smiles}}

Thinking of you, dear Bernideen, and wishing you a lovely week! Hugs!

The Charm of Home said...

What a beautiful space he is painting. Good luck with the move! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!