Monday, April 11, 2016


I was able to spend a good 4 days in the
 last 2 weeks  working out  of doors during some very nice weather and did some
 serious digging at the front entrance
to our cottage rancher.  There was so
 much to do inside but I just ignored all
 that and got out in the glorious weather.  

 My husband thought I was
 "loosing it" as I just kept removing the lawn one shovel at a time.  I told him "look how much less you have to mow now"!  Our new
 neighbor was glad to take some shrubs that
 I really don't want from back by the deck.  

I dug a large area from the driveway over to
the pussy willow.  I did rather rush things though as the frost date here is still 7 more days beyond today.  The hydrangeas I planted were "freezer burnt" Friday night when it dropped in the 30's but my neighbor
 assures me they will come back out.

We now live in a sudivision called "Quail Creek" so we decided to name our home "Quail Creek Cottage".  I am hoping to stencil a sign sometime to go over the front door.  This is the entrance to our cottage style rancher.  Some of you remember "Miss Tabitha" who loves being our new greeter at the front.  Inside we call our center room the great room and it looks down on the backyard where we will be putting in a privacy fence and extending the patio area.

  I love hearing the birds in our
new backyard - really a bird sanctuary there by the little creek.  The creek isn't our property but is right in the back where we can enjoy it. We had 2 men come and clear out all the nasty stuff other people that thrown in the creek.  Isn't it shocking what people do?  Shame on them! 

 After they cleaned out all the overgrowth, I threw lots of my flower garden seeds there so we shall see what comes up.  Every morning
 I see big bunnies hoping all along the creek.
  Tonight we saw a big fox just a couple blocks away so I hope he stays there. 
 Below, is one of the things that have gotten done - the chandelier in the
kitchen has now been hung!

I am also happy to have my clock back together as it had loose parts sitting in the bottom when we arrived
in Columbia:

I am thinking I never shared the shabby chic piece I got for my birthday a few months ago.  We sat it on this buffet which was at my store for years but now in our great room.  We
plan to hide the VCR player inside of it.

 I hope to be
showing you my downstairs tea room next week!


  1. You are doing so well on your new home. The yard is already lovely but once summer comes it will be even better. Thanks for sharing your new home and the journey to make it yours.

  2. Oh Bernideen, you just amaze me with all that you've done, not only on the inside of your home, but the outside, too!!!! The yard is looking so gorgeous. I just absolutely sighed when I saw your newly hung chandelier...its dreamy! Thanks so much for hosting, my friend, and don't over work yourself.

  3. Bernideen,
    Thanks so much for the party!! Your front yard looks lovely!!

  4. Hi Bernideen! So fun to see your new home! Glad your clock is back together...moving can be a bit destructive...we had some damage when we last moved. Thanks so much for hosting!

  5. Bernideen,

    Your hard work outside is paying off! It's lovely!

    We have a little creek that runs on our property and it is so nice, I know you'll really enjoy having that creek behind your yard!

  6. I love the name you chose for your new home! I need to think of a cute name for mine....hugs...

  7. Your new home is lovely. Love the views out the window! Spring is here and I'm with you I take the opportunity to garden when the weather is good.

  8. Wow, what an incredible feat you accomplished! Your lawn looks beautiful. This spring weather has got me so excited and itching to get out of doors more every day!

    Dani xoxo
    a vapor in the wind

  9. Dear Bernideen,
    I'm glad you have your clock back and working! You have done a lot of work on your property already and it's looking lovely. Your home is charming and I can't wait to see your tea room! Aren't you having fun! Thanks for sharing and hosting as well as joining me. Have a beautiful day.


  10. Your home looks so lovely and you've already started making such progress to make it your own! I love watching you 'nest' in your new cottage....and I hope you didn't do your back in, like I did, creating your new garden bed! Mine is still in bad shape and I'm thinking I need to get my sore butt to an orthopedic doc....ick.

  11. How much work you've done during these days, my dearest, lovable Bernideen !
    I so love everything in this new home of yours, Quail Creek Cottage is truly amazing ... but I'm so in love with the little statue of the cat gardening on the right side of your entrance ... I really feel charmed by it !

    Hope your week is off to a great start, I wish you most wonderful days to come,
    with love and thankfulness


  12. I love the garden area next to the path leading to your new cottage. Delightful!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  13. Oh, dear one, are you sore from all of that digging? I love your curved flower bed and you already have some blooms! Your new home looks so wonderful and I know how beautiful you're going to make it. How special to have the little creek so near to you and to see all of the little creatures. Glad your clock made it!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  14. Dear Bernideen,
    how charming and cozy your new home is ! And a nice name for the house you have chosen. Lovely !
    It is always a joy for me to participate at your nice link party.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Have a sunny spring time, Carmen

  15. Love your yardwork... the zeal and beauty of spring cleaning and planting! Sit back and sip a good cup today

  16. You have beautiful garden. It look wondrful. Have a nice week in it.

  17. I love how you extended the garden bed in the front...your yard looks so pretty with the creek and people throw out and anywhere they want...what's happened to our world? You home is coming along and it seem you are very happy with the move. thanks for the party

  18. Hi Bernideen. You have been so busy and accomplished so much. Your yard and flower garden looks so beautiful. I love the cat statue with the shovel at your front door. Quail Creek Cottage is a lovely place. Have a great week. xo


  19. What a cute name for your new home
    Glad you are getting so much done around three already
    I heard all about your visit to Gina's for dinner with the Titanic dishes etc

  20. Thank you for hosting, Bernideen!

  21. Hi Bernideen! You sound like me, always out there digging up grass for more beds! I love what you added, I need you to help me decide what and where to add more beds and pretties out back. My angel you gifted me with now sits on a pedestal in the back corner bed next to the iron chairs and redbud tree. Thank you! I am trying to decide where to scatter the seeds! :) Is your cat Tabitha Twitchett? Your chandy looks wonderful in its place and the backyard looks good too, can't wait to see what you do with it back there.
    Talk to you soon,

  22. Great job on your front garden, Bernideen! I like the name that you picked out for your new home, as well as the pretty chandy in your kitchen. Can't wait to see the downstairs tea room! Thanks for hosting!

  23. Bernideen, I hope that the weather warms up soon. Our flowers and vegetables are quite confused. I love clocks and your's is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing with us!

  24. i love the garden cat! So cute and handy! Thanks for taking time to welcome us to your home!

  25. Hi Bernideen,
    Oh my you have done so much! Your front and backyard grass looks very lush and I love your beautiful garden. It is like a little forest of your own. So much work for you and hubby! You have more energy than I do. But it is nice to get settled inside and outside I know. Thank you for hosting B.T.T.C.G. I can't wait to see what else you have planned. Have a Wonderful Week! Karen

  26. Bernideen, how fun to start making Quail Creek Cottage your own starting with the yard. It will be fun to go along this adventure with you. Thank you for hosting.

    xo Dianne

  27. I am going to love watching what you do in your garden. I know you have a vision that will come true.

  28. You are getting a lot done! I've worked the last few days laying mulch in my flower beds, but today is rainy so I cleaned house:-) Can't wait to see what comes up in your garden, XOXO

  29. Bernideen, I will now state that one can join me for BTTCG at Quail Creek Cottage. It is looking so pretty and I like how you dug the planting area down the hill a ways. Easier mowing, as you said. You will certainly enjoy the little creek and I hope that the little bunnies won't enjoy, too much, the "salad" you planted for them. But, they are so cute!!..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  30. How lovely, Bernideen! You have done so much work on your house and yard already. You are amazing! Thanks for hosting this nice party. We had snow here yesterday!

  31. Bernideen your new home is lovely! Home Sweet home for sure! Thanks for hosting and for joining HSH!

  32. I came over from Bella Rosa. You have a lovely home and many beautiful things. It was an enjoyable visit.

  33. Wow Bernideen, you are so on the ball! Your new home and gardens are looking so lovely. I love the area where you removed the grass. I'm glad you are settling in, and sounds like you are enjoying your new home. I will be back to linking up next week. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  34. Bernideen, love that you name your home! I've never quite figured out a good name for mine. Love what you did with the front garden. The cup and plate in my link today belonged to my honorary grandma I wrote about in my stuffed cabbage roll post. She loved purple flowers.

  35. Wow Bernideen, digging up sod is hard, hard work! Everything looks just beautiful. I'm sure getting the creek cleaned up made a big difference. And I want a chandelier like that! So pretty and feminine.
    The kids and I thought one time of naming our house Dead Tree Farm, after having to cut down so many trees that had been affected by the ash borers, but my husband wasn't too keen on that!
    Don't forget to put your feet up once in a while and have a cuppa!
    xo Deborah

  36. Your new home is looking wonderful, but I can't believe you did all that yard work yourself.

    Thanks for sharing at SYC.

  37. Bernideen, popping in to add a pic/link of my new living room furniture! Thank you for hosting this party! :-)

  38. My mom got sick from the stomach so I spent part of yesterday and today at her home, just got back tonight... so I'm late for the party dear friend.
    But anyway, I wanted to tell you that your house looks beautiful and that serene garden you fixed and it's gonna look great in bloom soon this spring.
    I will be visiting some of your guests. Thank you for hosting.
    Have a terrific weekend.

  39. You have gotten a lot done in a short period of time. I love Quail Creek Cottage and thank you for sharing it at Vintage Charm.


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