Monday, June 20, 2016


A few weeks back we laid this arbor down
in our garage so I could paint it dark blue.
  It was going into our back yard.

 My husband saw the blue I was using and said "please use this other lighter blue paint" - so I did. I painted the whole thing like he requested.  So guess what? I didn't like it at all and he agreed.  After a week or so of staring at the arbor out the Living Room Window viewing it in the back yard, we realized that the light blue needed to go bye bye and now it is the dark blue again.  This is back in the right side of the yard just before the wooded strip and creek between us and neighbors. 
You are looking at the darker blue.

I love this old cedar in the center back:

 If you do something and don't like it do you live with it or change it?  I have moved some of the plants and hydrangeas several times in
the yard trying to find a spot where they will endure.  The high temps in Missouri require plants being in just the right spot.  

Here's some of what's blooming now:

And inside the house - do I change things?  
Sometimes I move pictures around and some times I put way too many holes in the walls.
  My husband measures everything - I eyeball it and guess at it.  I found a framed print at an antique mall recently.  I recognized it as one we used to sell back in the early 90's.  This is just a print of the painting "Eleanor" but I love it.  The artist was the Impressionist and Portrait painter Frank Weston Benson and the 1907 original is in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. 
 Eleanor was his daughter.


  1. Happy first day of Summer, Bernideen! What a treat to come visit your blog on a Monday morning and find all your lovely flowers! Your garden is a retreat for the senses. I love the Eleanor print; it's very charming. Thank you for sharing and hosting and also linking up with me. Have a splendid day.


  2. Bernideen,
    Love the bright colors in the garden!! What a beautiful painting. My Dad showed me how to spackle dry wall so when I want to change things around on the walls, I can fix the holes myself!! I am a Carpenter's daughter after all!!
    Thanks so much for hostitng and for all your visits which are much appreciated!!


  3. Your backyard is a sanctuary. If I don't like a color, I might live with it for a while and then will eventually change it. John never likes me to paint anything but always like it after he sees the end results....Christine

  4. is always perfect to me, no matter what shade! Your garden is looking lovely! Eleanor has always been one of my favorite paintings...especially because of his middle name! Lol! I haven't seen it around where I have lived, or would have it on my wall too! Thanks for hosting and linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  5. Love your garden...and a true garden has plants moving all the time to find what works best for them...your season is earlier than our no Hydrangeas in bloom yet. Thanks for the party!

  6. Happy Summer!

    I shared my garden today, too! Yours is looking great and to answer your question, I sometimes live with something, but eventually it gets changed! I'm glad you both decided to have the arch go back to this beautiful blue! Gardens can handle bold color! Its very pretty!

  7. Happy first day of Summer lovely lady... I hope you enjoy your day. Love the blue arbor. And I have moved my garden around and around. But I been making plans in my mind for mamas garden when one day I move there.. Have a wonderful blessed day with love Janice

  8. Your yard is looking ever so beautiful, Bernideen! I can't live with something, if I don't like it. And like you, I just eyeball and nail away! Most of the time, it works out. If not, I can always patch the wall and paint the spot. Thanks for the party and happy first day of summer!

  9. Dear Bernideen, the blue for the arbor that you have chosen at the end is perfect. It looks so pretty!
    I do change things, if I am not happy with them, but I give it a little bit of time until I act. Sometimes it happens to me that I am just not used to something new or different, but like it very much when I give myself time to take it in and digest the new "what-ever it-is". I caught myself too often in not liking something because of a habit and not because the thing wasn't likable or beautiful ;-)!
    You did an amazing job in your new garden, I am very impressed how far you have come already.
    Warm regards,

  10. Dear Bernideen,
    how beautiful your garden is, so many flowers are blooming.
    Here it is raining, raining raining..., but for tomorrow the weather forecast promises sun....
    Thank you for the party,greetings from Carmen

  11. I move my shrubs and plants around too Bernideen until they find their final home. Inside I don't move things much but do eyeball it to hang things.
    If you saw the stamps of Queen Elizabeth on Ruth's post, I still have yours but will get them off in the mail now that you're settled in. They completely left my mind.
    Hot with thunderstorms in our forecast for today.

  12. Your home and garden are beautiful, Bernideen! You have a creative touch. I love the painting and also the shutters above your bed. Nicely done!

  13. Every week, you share something from your garden that I totally want for my own (if I had the actual space for it. HA!). This week it's the purple bench under the lovely blue arbor. Love it! I must confess that I'm a measurer. Thank you for hosting and enjoy the first day of summer!

  14. Thank you for your lovely party. I like the arbor painted in the darker blue and in the new location. Sometimes I live with it sometimes it just has to change. It all depends on what it is.

  15. I love lilacs :) and the dark blue looks great, draws the eye but looks perfect in that spot. And for sure, if you don't like it move it. You have to please yourself so make it like you want it!

  16. Gee, Bernideen, it's great that you and your husband are on the same page regarding arbor paint color. It sure helps when it is time to do the work. If something bothers me bad, I will make the change as I know it will always bug me. As I 'mature', I realize that it's okay if it is not perfect. Hanging things on the wall is a challenge at our house (higher, lower, move it over an inch, etc.) Lol. Love your bedroom painting.

  17. Life is too short to live with something you don't like. I change it or get rid of it. I will be back tomorrow for the link as I do my tea posts on Tuesday.

  18. I paint things different colors all the time, then I repaint them white. I should start off painting them white in the first place, right? I do like the dark blue in the yard with all the green and shade. your home and yard are lovely.

  19. Bernideen, your yard is gorgeous! I have no trouble changing something if it doesn't turn out the way I like. I don't live with it, my motto is change it! Have a great week and thank you for hosting.

    xo Dianne

  20. You've accomplished so much in the short time you've been in your new home, Bernideen. The pictures of your yard are lovely. If I don't like something, I'm not content until it's changed to the way I like it. Now that your arbor is repainted, you can view it from your living room window with good feelings. Have a great week! ~ Phyllis

  21. Dear Bernideen,
    I try to chance what I don't like to see. So the light blue arbor with the pink bench look nice, but because the background is so colorless, they look a bit strange. I also love the old natural grey fence in the background. That fits perfect in the background. Here people try to make new wood looking like that. I think when the Hydrangeas get big bushes and some more flowers around the arbor (and the color is after a while not so bright anymore) it will fit better in the scene. I also try to change in the house, because we always need a new look from time to time. Your framed painting look wonderful. It add to the room a summerly spirit. Thank you for sharing photos of your new home and for hosting this event.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  22. Oh, your hollyhock is beautiful! I just planted some of those. I have one full grown and then planted it by a bunch of seed and they are coming up as long as I keep them watered! Thanks for hosting!

  23. Bernideen, thanks for hosting again and it looks like it is the time for a little of this and a little of that. Your flowers are flourishing so beautifully and love the little Anne bird house. I finally got a hint of tea in my post, as the header shows..Happy Week to you..Judy

  24. I like the darker color too. Yes, I usually change rather than live with what I don't like. '-)
    Thanks for hosting. Happy First Day of Summer.

  25. The Eleanor print is great, a keeper, and perfect for the room.

  26. Such a lovely garden. And I love your portrait. I have a weakness for pictures and change them once in a while. But sometimes I run out of walls :-)

    Jocelyn @

  27. I'm so very late this week, but I really cannot miss such an appointment, dearest friend !

    Your posts are always so enthralling to me and this party is beautiful more and more, thank you for hosting every week !

    Hope you're enjoying your day
    I'm sending blessings on the remainder of your week,
    hugs and more hugs to you - Xx


  28. Bernideen, love your potting bench and blackboard! I think we need the two of you to stay here for a couple weeks and whip us into shape!


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