Tuesday, June 21, 2016


I never had a potting bench before but the people who owned our 
home before us left a work bench in the basement.  We carried
it out the back and up to the garage for a potting bench.
It has been handy lately and I as you can see I had a bunch of
bird houses sitting on it that I wanted to paint. 
 These were
all cheapos!

As you can see my husband put up an
 old school blackboard over it.

Yesterday I decided to use some paint that I had Menards mix for me that was really not the right color. 
  This was a good way to use it up:

The tins are for collecting plant 
seeds and make 
a nice gift!

The birdhouses have a new look.
  Some already got hung in the tree.

I am calling this one "GREEN GABLES"!  
I think Anne would approve.


  1. Green Gables is adorable and Anne would approve!

    That potting bench looks wonderful! I need a space like this, too, but we don't have a garage and I'm not sure one would fit on the deck!

    I haven't given up thinking about this though!

  2. What a great idea for using up that paint. Everything looks great!

  3. You managed to make a hard working spot look beautiful! I love the color of your potting bench and the chalkboard. The birdhouses are adorable.

  4. Love your birdhouses and potting bench, Bernideen. I like the chalk board saying that it all began in a garden...yes indeed.
    Blessings, Beth

  5. Love your potting bench. I sort of have one -- in my potting shed. Love the color as well. I love how you painted the bird houses!


  6. Ooh Bernideen,I love your chalkboard and message, the newly painted potting bench and your refreshed birdhouse! My, you get a lot done!

  7. Love the new color of the bench. It is amazing the difference a coat of paint makes.

  8. Oh, I think Anne Shirley would approve of that cute li'l house. Love your new potting bench. It is such a wonderful transformation.

  9. How fun! I have a potting bench that I love. They are so handy. Your bird houses are adorable. You are so good with paint. I guess I'm always scared of it, and never think, oh, i could just paint that! You are the master. I love the Green Gables one.

  10. The potting bench color looks great, a idea to paint the old chalk board to match.. Just a thought. Your bird houses are lovely and green gables is the perfect name.. All exciting. Happy Wednesday dearest... Lovs n hugs Janice

  11. I so love this 'working corner' of yours and your potting bench is truly wonderful, actually I couldn't work in my gardens without mine, it's so very useful ... and yours is truly so inspiring, sweetets Bernideen, thank you for sharing it with us !

    Hope you're having a beautiful week I'm sending blessings of joy to you

    Dany ♥

  12. Yes, Anne would approve. I do believe you are thoroughly enjoying your new home and retirement. Good for you!!

  13. I always enjoy seeing your birdhouse collection, Bernideen, and love that you even name them! Anne Shirley would definitely approve of "Green Gables"!

  14. Yes, Anne would definitely approve - so adorable! Anne of Green Gables caught my eye at the Share Your Cup party.

  15. The potting bench is great or is it a painting bench? The bordhouses are adorable. Lucky birds!

  16. Bernideen,
    Love the bench!! And the color of it and the birdhouses!! The chalkboard is a sweet touch and so is the Garden Party sign!!


  17. Hi Bernideen! Giving you a feature tomorrow morning for Let's Talk Vintage! Enjoy and thanks so much!

  18. What a lovely "new" potting bench, Bernideen, and I'm in love with Green Gables, especially--such a total transformation for a sweet little house. Thanks so much for linking up your projects with us at Vintage Charm :)


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