Friday, July 15, 2016


Hello there blogging friends 
and welcome to "Tea In The Garden":

I set up a little table for us to sit by the pond
and have a chat over tea.  I know it is
hot out as it is in the 90's most of the time now.

I wanted to show you a few
cookbooks I recently got at
my favorite "resale" shop.  
I haven't had time to just sit and 
read lately since there is still a list
of things to do after moving.
  I guess I need
a rainy day or better yet,  
winter is a time much more suited to reading.

I am also sharing an English bone
china sweet cream
 and sugar set
 which is made
by "Old Royal".

My English bone china cups and saucers are
 Kent & Taylor on the
left and the one on the right is Adderly.
The teapot is a little Sadler which has an
orphan lid which works just fine.

This Kent & Taylor cup and saucer is one of my favorites:

I don't have a wide angle lens but this is the
right side of our yard:

And looking toward the left:

I have been in a continuous cycle of trying
to stay on top of the June Beetles but......
it is tough!  I guess they didn't get the memo
that it isn't June anymore!

I do enjoy now having a selection of flowers
 in the garden to choose from for bouquets and
I will be excited to see how much fuller
the garden will be next year.

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  1. So beautiful! How wonderful it must be having tea by your pond and wayterfall! I imagine it is your favorite place to have tea in the morning before the temps raise. I loved seeing the views of your yard. So lovely! Thanks for hosting and have a wondeful weekend!


  2. That is such a beautiful spot! Just gorgeous. I would love to be able to sit there even for a few minutes. It is rest for the soul. xoDiana

  3. What a lovely idea Bernideen for a party, I wish I had a current tea post to share, but I will enjoy the party as your guests arrive. I love your blog and garden and all the whimsy!!! Made me smile this morning!! :)

    Please enjoy your day and if you have time stop by and share on #OMHGFF

  4. Hi Bernideen,
    Your Tea in the Garden is so lovely today. That Sadler teapot looks beautiful with that lid and your flowers are gorgeous. Your garden is looking perfect indeed! How I would love to visit your beautiful home and sit in your garden and enjoy your pretty tea things with you. Thank you for hosting B.T.T.C.G. Blessings Sweet Friend. Karen

  5. Your yard is beautiful, Bernideen! I love your pond. The pink and white hydrangeas are spectacular. You do have a way with tea time, AND with gardening! Beautiful!

  6. Hi Bernideen. Your yard looks lovely. So does your china dishes. Thanks for hosting this great party. xo

  7. What a lovely tea setting by the pond, Bernideen. The teapot is very pretty and your garden looks fabulous!....Christine

  8. Hi Bernideen, I have been wanting to have tea in the garden; but just been too busy. Hopefully soon! Your gardens are so gorgeous! You have given them your magic touch. Love your pretty tea!

  9. I am so glad to see someone else who loves old cookbooks! It is quite relaxing to me to look through and try out a new/old recipe. Thanks for hosting the lovely garden party!

  10. Oh Bernideen, your garden is stunning and the table set for tea. How I wish I was there to have tea with you by the pond. Everything is perfect. Love all your beautiful tea pot, sugar and creamer and the cups. Thanks so much for sharing with us and this great party.

  11. Bernideen,
    Such a beautiful tea setting in your garden which is lovely!! Great tea cup and tea pot!! So charming!!
    Thanks so muchf or all your visits and kind words!!

  12. Very lovely photos Bernideen. And such a fantastic tea party!

  13. I really wish I could sit and chat with you in your garden setting, Bernideen. We could talk about your pretty linens, teacups, and walk around your charming yard. I would love to look at your new books, too. Thanks for hosting your garden party!

  14. It's always fun to tour your beautiful garden, Bernideen! I love the teapot and would never have guessed that it had an orphaned lid!

  15. Hi Bernideen, your garden is pretty big. Love the pond and the goldfish in it. Wow the roses are pretty too.
    I might just be able to join you for tea time this week.

    Thank you for sharing. Hope the cooler weather is on its way to you.


  16. Just beautiful! The garden is coming along beautifully! Love the K&T...I love their teacups! And the setting looks so perfect for a summer tea...glad it's a bit cooler. Nice features Thanks for hosting! Have a lovely week!

  17. Bernideen, you have so many perfect spots for tea, both indoors and out! I wouldn't get out of the kitchen with my cuppa, not being able to decide where to enjoy it! My next afternoon tea is going to be outdoors in the gazebo, and I'll be serving my Earl Grey Ice Cream as a special treat.


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