Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Back in May we ordered living room furniture.  We
have never had new living room furniture before. 
 No, we always bought antiques or had
 repurposed pieces, used furniture or something
that was given to us.
  Another words, this was a big deal.
Don't think we don't have antiques too
because we have lots of those around.

Both sofa's are moss green but my camera made
the bigger
 one looks more limey than it really is:

My husband has a plum colored lazy boy:

Since we have a teenage grandson and a close to
teenage granddaughter - we wanted something
comfortable the whole family could enjoy.

So yesterday I sewed some vintage floral fabric
pillows for summer and I will look forward 
to changing things through out other seasons. 
Of course - these can be tossed on the floor
when the "grans" come over.  I also made
a summery skirted cover for the footstool out of
this and that.

The rug to the left just got "repaired" (I did a "fake job") 
 as my son's dog pulled a thread on it pulling many, many
 years back and it has been in the mending pile for a long time.

And this is my view from where I sit and what
I love the most:

So there you have it.  I still hope to find a curtain rod
place a lace panel on each side of the window unit.

  The goal is also to get that DVD player into
 the walnut buffet too -
 more stuff to do! 
 Disclosure:  All photos have avoided the TV.

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  1. Hi Bernideen! Oh, your new furniture looks so lovely. I really like how your living room looks. Your antique pieces and your vignettes just look so nice. Hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Awe finally... I love the new couches Bernideen, I'm in great need of one mine is finally through after 11 years from a thrift store. But I don't want a new one. I really want to get this redone because i like the style so much and it held up well. My daughter had purchased new ones that in a year are already going down. I love the shade of green you choosed. And love the pillows. With love Janice

  3. I love the color green on the sofas and the pillows look so pretty with the crochet on them.

  4. Oh my Bernideen, your new sofas look so comfy and the moss green color goes with anything. The very first thing that I noticed was your ottoman redo! It looks so pretty, and goes so well with all your pretty pillows that you made. Of course, your lacey, and crocheted embellishments are so you and add so much charm to the room. Isn't it nice to get some brand new furniture for your new home? Thank you for sharing your living room with us.

  5. What a lovely, welcoming room! It's absolutely perfect, and worth the wait.

    The pillows are simply charming, especially the impish little button-face---a sweet touch a whimsy in such a stylish-and-cozy room.

    And somehow in all your showings, I've missed that elegant divan in the next room---such a sumptuous piece, and I hope it's in another post to show it in all its glory.

    So glad you're all "moved in!" What a lovely home.


  6. Bernideen!!
    A purple recliner!! LOVE IT!!!! The rest of the furniture is beautiful and I chuckled because the shape of the sofa is similar to mine...
    The pillows are great!!
    Looks stunning!!

  7. I know your thrilled to have your new sofas in your new home.
    The pillows you made are very cute with the doilies on them

  8. Just beautiful! I love your pillows with the doilies on them. Great idea! Love the whole room. So cozy and comfy! Great choices!

  9. Hi Bernideen. Love your new furniture. Isn't it nice to have some new, comfortable pieces? The pillows are so pretty and love what you did with the footstool. I'm so glad you were able to save that beautiful Clair Murray rug. I have always admired her needlework. Now that you have a brand new, clean, and beautiful home, it would be a good time to get on that card system.! Ha, ha. Happy Wednesday..Judy

  10. Beautiful! I love the color combination and the seats all look so very comfy.

  11. The new house has an airy open concept and I like the plum and moss green furniture you chose.

  12. Lovely comfortable space to enjoy!

  13. LOL, Disclosure all photos have avoided the TV. That's funny because the television does seem to swallow a room one way or the other.

    I love your room and your pillows certainly combined your colors and added the right touch of 'vintage' to your new furnishings.

    And yes, they certainly look and will be comfortable. I will never forget the antique sofa we had with the butt-penetrating springs that poked you out of the cushions. So hurrah, for some new!


  14. Love the way the new pillows tie everything together. Don't laugh, but I think we have the same furniture. In Jan, we got the love seat and an arm chair/foot stool in tan just like yours. Great decorators think alike! ;-)

  15. How nice for you! Isn't it fun to get new furniture! Love your choices and I think they fit you and your house.

  16. What a charming, cozy room with a wonderfullu pleasant view! It looks as if everyone will be very comfortsble there.

  17. fat fingers!

  18. It's lovely, Bernideen! I like the colors you've chosen for your couches, they go perfectly with your husbands' chair. Your pillows and footstool cover are great, too.

    The windows are lovely in your home and your garden view is sweet!


  19. Beautiful. So many of my favorite colors and "things", it is a good thing you live far away or I'd be over this afternoon for tea. ;)

  20. Hi Bernideen, your new furniture fits in beautifully! How exciting! Love the floral pillows and footstool skirt you made, such a nice addition! I know what you mean about trying to leave to TV out of photos! :)
    Have a great day!

  21. Just gorgeous, Bernideen! And I love your pillows, don't think I could bear to change them out.

  22. Your new furniture is lovely, Bernideen, and I'm a huge green lover. Sure looks comfy! Your pillows look great too. You do have such a beautiful view and no one behind you makes lace panels a perfect dressing for your windows. Don't you just love new furniture? I love mixing up the old with the new. Decor today allows us to do that and it keeps it interesting. Thanks for giving us a peek.


  23. So glad you received your new couches it was worth the wait.
    Your living room looks so good. Your pretty pillows are wonderful with the dollies and buttons on them.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely living room.


  24. How nice to have new furniture. The room looks comfy, welcoming. and fresh. I know you will enjoy this new look. Love the rug. Glad you rescued it.

  25. It probably feels like you waited forever for your furniture to arrive, but it seems like past 3 months just flew by! Your new furniture with the handmade pillows look fabulous!

  26. Your new furniture is quite lovely! The fabrics you chose for the pillows and footstool are so pretty. The whole setting is quite comfortable looking and homey!

  27. Hello Bernideen,

    Sorry that I am late for your lovely party but here I am. And may I say, your home is looking amazing. Very charming and welcoming. I also love all the windows. It makes your home so bright.

    It looks like everything is fallen into place for you. Enjoy your beautiful home Bernideen.



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