Friday, August 26, 2016


After realizing that summer would be much hotter in
 Missouri I decided to make a clear effort
 to enjoy this summer anyway.  Yesterday I
helped my husband as he painted our front door.
We wanted to change the color to match our shutters.
 I was the "helper".  We have attended quite a
few of our grandson's soccer games in the
 last week which
has really been fun to get to do!

Late in the day I went out and took my little tea cart to set up "tea in the garden".  The mosquitoes were coming out
 so believe me I moved pretty fast.  This week I got
another old bird feeder painted and mounted on a 4 x 4 post.  My
hubby did the drill part of attaching it after I painted it.

We will be enjoying some rain tonight for which we are very glad!

I recently shared that the Japanese and June 
beetles have left
 town for
which I am very happy!

I am so sorry we had to "gulp" our tea
 so quickly
 but the mosquitoes
are getting aggressive tonight.


Jean | said...

Bernideen, sorry you had to "suffer for your art" with those pesky mosquitoes! For some reason, the patio just off our kitchen is always the coolest spot in town. Even on the hottest days, we seem to always get a breeze there. So it's the perfect spot to settle with tea and a treat. We don't have a table set up there right now, just chairs; so I like to use the snack set pictured in my link so I don't have to juggle a plate and cup and saucer. Thank you for hosting tea in the garden!

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

I'd happily gulp my tea for a. Hamcemto see your pretty garden, dear Bernideen! Your yard and your tea cart are full of charm. I'm loving your darling sugar bowl, too. Thanks so much for hosting us each week. Happy weekend to you and your hubby!

Summer said...

Your table looks so magical ♥

Marilyn Miller said...

You are really decorating your yard so uniquely you! It is fun to see the progress. Oh those pesky mosquitoes!!!

organicgardendreams said...

Dear Bernideen, I love the decor and shape of tea cup with the big soft, romantic, pink roses! Would you tell who is the maker of that one?
I noticed that you are combining your tea cups with gold colored flatware, which looks really nice. I bought some tea cups recently, all with a gold rim, and they really don't go well together with my silver colored tea spoons. I may have to bite the bullet and buy some gold flatware to make them look more harmonious. Well, one thing leads to another, right ;-)?
Warm regards,

janice15 said...

mosquitoes yuk..... Those little guys are such a pain,. Mamas house is always with mosquitos ever since I can remember, funny thing though not when I was little, but when my kids were little. Hum just realized that. I have them in the garden too at times. But, they never come inside, mamas house yes all the time. I so want to get me a teacart, its on my list. Nice tea i. The garden sorry you couldnt enjoy it more. Happy Friday/Weekend Bernideen with love Janice

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

As always, your teatime is so very pretty, Bernideen! And so are your projects! You two have been BUSY!

Have a blessed and wonderful weekend. Hugs.

Margie said...

I'm admiring your new green birdhouse and the pretty (Sadler?) teapot. We received some much needed rain yesterday. Thank you for hosting and enjoy the last few days of August.

Rosemary-Thyme said...

Hello Bernideen,

I am happy to see that you are still enjoying the last few days of summer. The hot weather is still upon us here in the East Coast and mosquitoes are rampant. I can't stand them.

Thank you for hosting. Enjoy your weekend.


quakerhillfarm said...

Beautiful as always! We have quite a bit of rain here in Indiana and things have looked a little soggy, but still very hot and humid. I am definitely thinking fall and hoping cooler temps will be here soon!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Sorry about the mosquitos, Bernideen but so glad you were able to set up that beautiful tea!

Lovely cups and saucers and I like what you did with the chairs!

Karen said...

Hi Bernideen,
I love all of your white today on your tea cart. My favourite teacup is Old English Rose. It's so rich looking. The pink roses in the background are gorgeous. Thank you for hosting Tea in the Garden. Blessings, Karen

Angela McRae said...

What a soft and serene setting! I think you just may have inspired me to paint my own tea cart!

Linda Jennings said...

I believe your Missouri weather is about a day ahead of ours. It has been so hot and humid here with mosquitos in the evening. I will enjoy your tea in the garden and hope for cooler temperatures soon.

Antiques And Teacups said...

Hi Bernideen...hope you don't have too many bumps. But your tea looks lovely! I love your tea cart and your garden is looking wonderful!
Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful week!

Carolyn said...

Another pretty the tea cart!


Joan said...

Love this a lot all mine taste!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Another charming post, Bernideen. I love the birdhouses. Cute teapot too. Our mosquitoes were the worst we've ever had last summer. A little better this year but we are getting a lot of heavy rains. Summer just seems to have flown by on me this year. Thank you for sharing and enjoy Missouri and those soccer games.


Nora @ Teacup Tales said...

Probably the only plus side of the drought is the lack of mosquitoes. They certainly can ruin outdoor festivities.
I really like your tea cart. It's useful and pretty. I saw one recently at a store and debated about getting it but not sure how well it would hold up in the winter without being stored.
Please keep sharing your birdhouses. They're delightful!

relevanttealeaf said...

Your garden tea is so picturesque, and one would never know you've just moved in. You've accomplished a lot in a small amount of time. Thanks for inviting us to your garden tea.

Vee said...

Mosquitoes! Hope they exit soon as the Japanese beetles have done. I am still picking those pests from my rose bushes and potentilla.

Some day, Bernideen, I am going to join you for tea. I am going to have to up my game to do it, but it is a goal. I always enjoy seeing your teas in a garden.

xinex said...

I love your outdoor spaces, Bernideen. And I love how you manage to create a charming tea table in every spot. Thanks for hosting....Christine

Daniela said...

Dearest Bernideen,

after this period of 'interlude' which I had to allow myself due firstable to work reasons - the Short Lets I manage here at Tenuta Geremia, the speech about the Empress of Austria I had to prepare and to perform at the conference which was held last Saturday at Madonna di Campiglio, in our Dolomiti, some works of restoration here and the family to join and follow took me far from the pc for more than a month and a half - I'm so glad to enjoy your artistry again, I've been missing your posts so very much, and even if I have nothing to share, alas, I'm overjoyed by visiting you here today !

Hope your week is off to a good start I'm sending blessings on your days to come, sweetest friend of mine

Xx Dany

Denise Diffee Hall said...

Bernideen - loved this group of pictures - the rose blossom china is absolutely gorgeous! I have missed participating but unlike you - I'm not such a trooper for "setting up" in this stifling heat we have had lately since July. Your birdhouse is very nice as well! Glad the beetles have left town - here too! We have something eating though so I had to spray this week in my rose garden. They are partially dormant in this heat until the fall. Lovely as always visiting your site.

September Violets said...

Your tea cart and chairs look so inviting ... no wonder the mosquitoes were attracted. Our 'skeeters' are hardly around in August thank goodness. Good for you for making the effort!
Wendy (visiting from 'No Place Like Home')

The Charm of Home said...

It is much hotter in the prairie. That is for sure but, you make it look good anyway! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!