Wednesday, February 8, 2017


With 2016 behind us,
 we can now take some time
to enjoy dreaming about spring.
It is always fun looking at some 
gardening magazines and books. I am making
 plans to start growing some plants from
seeds down in the basement later this month.


I bought these inexpensive containers at 
Menards for  growing seeds.  

 I can't  be buying
lots and lots of plants at the nurseries this year.  The retirement budget reality is
definitely here but that's o.k.  It's fun
to learn new things.

I rooted a bunch of things during
last August and was so surprised how
easy it was to do - so that's for sure
one of the things I plan to do.

  This is definitely the time
 for tea time by the fire since it is
 damp and cold and overcast.  As I
get over my cold, my husband is
most unhappy.  We tried so hard to
keep him from catching it but alas........


  1. Oh it all looks so cozy by the fireside dreaming of Spring! I bought a few seed packets and growing containers too, so I'm going to follow your lead! Your teacup is really pretty, it looks a lot like Country Roses. The pink tulips are just gorgeous!

  2. Sorry to hear that your hubby caught the cold bug. Tea by the fire is what's getting me through these dreary winter days. Thank you for hosting, Bernideen!

  3. Lovely tea things! There is a lot of sneezing and tissue dispatching at this old house. Hope you two are both better soon.

  4. Lovely tea setting! Sadly my light is poor for starting seedlings I need to use a grow light. I need to wait until at least mid March to do that. Thanks for sharing your charming photo's!


  5. Your red and white tea pot is breathtaking gorgeous.The pictures are beautiful also with the tulips and the fireplace in the background.

    I have my old pots already started with potting soil in the basement and need to get the seeds in them. I love impatiens and petunias also begonias so not sure what seeds I have.

    Glad Keith is getting over the flu bug.

    Wondering about the fish in the pond?

  6. Hi Bernideen, You chose she of my favorites to plant: lupines, foxglove, zinnias. Enjoy your tea, your family and friends, and your garden!

  7. I am dreaming of those lovely flowers right beside you at the teapot ;) Thanks for sharing with us on the Art of Home-Making Mondays at Strangers & Pilgrims on Earth!

  8. Love your teapot, Bernideen! As you are well aware, I adore red transferware and isn't it simply perfect for Valentine's Day? I love foxglove although I have never planted them. Your garden is going to be fabulous this year because you've got such a pretty property already. Sorry, I don't have a post to link. Not feeling the best these days. I hope your hubby feels better soon. Colds are not only pesky but they sure leave one feeling miserable. Have a lovely weekend and Happy Valentine's Day, my friend!


  9. I'm longing for Spring too..can't wait to start seeds...Our budget doesn't allow for a lot of flowers especially after the remodel... But each spring i start more and more seeds. Last year 20 flats. Its really a great feeling drowning your own plants....and I think I appreciate them more

  10. February is the month for seeds and reading seed catalogs with a cup of tea and a cozy fire. I am intrigued by the foxgloves...had not realized they were perennials so will do a little research.

  11. Bernideen, so sorry you've both had colds. Hope you get well soon and then stay that way! But tea is just the thing for it!

  12. Oh dear, now your hubby is getting a cold, too...not fun! Your tea, however, cheers my heart to look at the pretty setting of tulips, fireside, gorgeous red transferware teapot and such a lovely teacup. Starting flowers from seeds should be fun for you, Bernideen. Thanks for hosting and enjoy your weekend.


  13. What a lovely tea you have set for us today, Bernideen -- so encouraging to think about spring! It is a long way off up here in New England. A big snowstorm yesterday, very cold weather today (below zero with the wind chill!), and more snow on the way for the weekend it seems.

    Your teapot is beautiful and I love that flowery teacup!

  14. Bernideen, The tulips are lovely and provide the hope for spring. It was refreshing to see them. It's been really cold here. Thanks for sharing. Sylvia D.

  15. Hi Bernideen,
    I love your red/pink and white transferware teapot. I can't wait to plant outside too! Thank you for hosting Friends Sharing Tea! Karen

  16. Your tulips and your teacup are lovely! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home! Thank you also for hosting!

  17. I'm ready for some spring garden planning too, and like you, I want to root some things myself this year!

  18. Hi Bernideen. We are ready for some spring too! Love the red transferware teapot and RA teacup. Lovely!
    Thanks sor hosting!

  19. What a pretty teacup. I have such a weakness for seeds this time of the year, but then my "live-in gardener" doesn't always like or plant them, so my money is wasted. I am trying to resist this year.


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