Wednesday, February 15, 2017


I am so excited to see the early signs of
bulbs popping out in my garden here in Missouri.
Last year the day we moved was
 March 17th arriving in the evening and
seeing  both the Pussywillow
out front and the Forsythia on the side of our
house were in full bloom.
  Earlier when we left Colorado that 
morning there was
 lots of snow on the ground.

In regard to spring coming - 
I learned there is an exchange for climates
 that have milder winter's and early springs.  
The exchange is that it will be much hotter
 and last longer at that in the

Lately I have been enjoying buying a few used books
here and there and one of the sites I found doesn't
charge shipping for over 3 books and the books are really reasonable.

I got a copy of "The Secret Garden" from
 1911 and it is a second printing.

I love books like this type too (above).
Some were clearly used library books - all
are used books of course.

I am using my Spode "Dubarry"
 pot today for tea.

And this Royal Albert cup and saucer:

I hope spring comes soon for you so
 you can
work in your "Secret Garden"!
I will be sharing my post at:
Tuesday Cuppa Tea
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  1. What a charming, breath-of-Spring tableau you have there! Our "garden" is so confused over these warm days that the tulip bulbs are just breaking the earth, but very slowly.'

    A descendant of Miss Burnett's family was on Antiques Roadshow last night from Charleston, WV with a simply exquisite set of glassware---a pale yellow set of all sorts of pitchers and vases and goblets and plates---she said there were nearly a hundred pieces which had been used at the author's OWN tea parties. Can't you just see that sparkle in the garden sun? Beautiful.

    I so love that you make books so much a part of your life and decor.


  2. Darling Bernideen,
    your copy of 'The Secret Garden' dated 1911 is just a gem, you've really a treasure, so as it is your little stone figurine, it has really won my heart, thank you for sharing always such cheerful and charming posts ... and thank you for hosting, as well !

    Wishing you a most wonderful remainder of your week,
    I'm sending blessings of joy across the many miles,
    always thinking of you with much love and gratitude,
    cherished friend !

    Xx Dany

  3. I'm sure you are anxious to get out to your garden again. There won't be any gardening going on here for quite some time. Yesterday we had a blizzard and we're expecting another tomorrow. This is winter in the Maritimes.
    I have that same RA teacup and I love it. It is so dainty and I love the little roses on it. Such a charming post, Bernideen. Thank you for sharing and hosting.


  4. Finally, I get to post. Between lousy light for picture taking for a month, and being just not organized, I found some time to do a post. Thank you so much for hosting, this is one of my favorite visits every week. Sandi

  5. That's lovely Bernideen! I'll check out that book site as well.

    I think we are going to get an early spring this year too, and I am looking forward to flowers in the garden again!

  6. Love the coffee pot... it's so beautiful..

    Please visit:

  7. Hi Bernideen, What a lovely post sharing wonderful books. I am so anxious for spring too and the other day saw signs of my Hydrangeas popping up.
    I just love your delicate tea cup and the pot is precious. Makes tea or coffee taste so much better served from pretty pieces.
    Thank you for sharing and also for stopping by and your kind comment. Wishing you a blessed rest of the week. xo

  8. I'm counting down the days to spring too. I look forward to seeing your beautiful garden in bloom again. Thank you for hosting, Bernideen.

  9. Spring is always so welcome after winter. Such a privilege to enjoy 4 seasons. Love good old books. I don't think I'll ever be able to downsize too much with my books!

  10. Hi Bernideen, what a fun Spring Vignette there in your entry way. Great books and your coffee pot is gorgeous! I like the teacup too! I'm not ready for Spring yet, I want snow! :)
    Talk to you soon!

  11. I too can't wait to see those beautiful spring flowers. Love your books and perfect tea! Have a wonderful week.

  12. Your tea setting is set up so prettily, Bernideen. I love the little girl sculpture that is hosting your tea table. How wonderful to find those special books. I'm happy for you that you are seeing signs of spring. I've seen daffodils blooming around here and some trees are starting to bud. I'm seeing growth on my hydrangeas! Thank you for hosting your gentle tea party.

  13. What great book finds, Bernideen!

    And you always set out such a lovely teatime tablescape!

    Hope you had a lovely St. Valentine's Day! Thanks for hosting this wonderful tea linky party! Hugs! ♥

  14. Hi Bernideen! I am yearning for spring also! How special to be able to see your bulbs emerging in your garden so early! We have so much snow here, I'm afraid I have cabin fever! I love your first Secret Garden book, a cozy tea time wth your beautiful coffee pot. Thank you for your lovely posts!

  15. Hope it's ok I listed two this time.


  16. Bernideen, this is a lovely post. Your books along with the charming tea service make a delightful setting. A neighbors has beautiful tulips up and blooming along her walkway. The mountain laurel trees are in full bloom here as well.

  17. It's always a pleasure to stop by for tea with you, Bernideen. The Royal Albert teacup is adorable.

  18. Bernideen, the Secret Garden is one of my favorite movies. I should look up the book. Thanks for sharing. Sylvia D.

  19. Hi Bernideen,
    I just can't wait for spring to arrive and so that I can enjoy my garden too. I love your pink rosed coffee pot. Is it Spode? I am excited to read that you are now selling on Etsy. Wow! I can't wait to check out your pretties. Isn't it hard to part with them? I sold some things on ebay but found that with listing fees and paypal fees I was rarely making any money and would rather keep my china than sacrifice it. I do hope that etsy works well for you. Thank you for hosting Friends Sharing Tea. Blessings, Karen

  20. Bernideen, love your "new" copy of The Secret Garden - that is such a wonderful story, and I've seen a couple of good video productions of it as well. We call the little collection of bushes the cat often hides in his "secret garden."
    I wasn't going to link my Yorkshire Pudding here - until commenters, including a 60-something woman from London, mentioned having their leftover yorkies, with jam, with tea.

  21. Your copies of the secret gardens look wonderful and I love that teapot it is so lovely.. gosh almost a year has passed so fast I hardly know seems like you just got there.. Happy Sunday Bernideen. With love Janice

  22. Bernideen, your tea set is lovely. Thanks for hosting this party. I love looking (drooling) at everyone's tea settings.

  23. You have the SG cookbook! That is wonderful. I saw some daffodils today in town in full bloom! I couldn't believe it. Thank you for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  24. Hi Bernideen, just wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy Birthday. I just came over from Gina's post. Hope it was a good day for you and your Secret Garden tea is lovely. As you might know, I am a huge fan of anything Secret Garden. Would you object to sharing the site where you order your books? I love any kind of old books but your 1911 Secret Garden is wonderful. I realize they probably wouldn't have another but it looks like they carry some good ones..Happy Belated Birthday..Judy


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