Wednesday, June 7, 2017

ALICE SAYS IT'S TIME for "Tea In The Garden"

You really shouldn't be late for this tea -
 but if you are,
I don't mind!  Since I retired 
I don't like to hurry

I set up tea for us under the
 deck on the patio area.  This
was one of the toppers I created by
layering vintage linens and 
stitching them down.

You get the idea of the
 area in this photo:

And yes, I am still doing
 decoupage and have been
 doing old vintage picnic baskets
by staining them first
inside and out and then
applying decoupage in
various themes.

Please help yourself to tea and Apricot Scones.
(scone recipe)

I hope you can join my tea time blog
party today and post something
tea related from your blog.
  A special thank you to 
everyone who participates.


  1. Love your yard, your patio, your decoupage and your red birdhouse! I can tell you are enjoying retirement!

  2. What a pretty tea you've set for us today, Bernideen. I love all your pretty linens and your decoupaged pieces. Thank you for hosting and sharing your pretty garden with us.

  3. OMG the Alice in Wonderland teapot is so pretty! Your collection of figures is so precious, where did you gets these characters? Your teapot table cloth adds to the story along with the garden setting.

    I have had trouble commenting on your blog. Hope this gets to you.

  4. Dear Bernideen,I am very grateful for linking!Thanks for hosting and visiting every week.Thanks for sharing your wonderful garden!Best wishes,Maristella.

  5. My tea times lately have not been in my garden, but out as I travel. Your tea time in the garden is always special.

  6. You can be sure I wouldn't be late if invited to tea. Everything looks lovely.

  7. I'm loving the whimsy of this week's Wonderland-themed party! I'm counting down the years until I can retire. Heh. Thank you for hosting and have a great week, Bernideen!

  8. Wonderful Bernideen...and I love your new decoupaged basket! Charming! The yard and garden are looking lovely! Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for hosting as well as linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  9. Bernideen, I don't like to hurry any more either! But I'm never late to afternoon tea! Thank you for hosting. Everything is beautiful.

  10. Dear Bernideen. What a fun tea party! Your teapot is amazing! Your whole table so cute with the clock and Alice in the teacup! I love your tablecloth, lots of work I am sure! Your garden so pretty and is that a new to you iron bench? So cute! I will be trying your scones too! It is finally warming up here. Hurrah! Enjoy your beautiful weather!

  11. How beautiful! Looks like you have already made quite an impression there in your new hometown. I can just imagine the neighbors walking by and gazing with delight (if not envy!) at your lovely garden.

  12. Bernideen, your table is darling set for Alice! I love the tablecloth. You do have a lot of fun with your sewing machine, don't you? Unfortunately, tea hasn't been agreeing with me these days but hopefully that will change after next week {after my date with the doctor.} Your property is such a pleasant place and to enjoy tea outside would be lovely. Love your basket too. Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend.

  13. Hi Bernideen,
    Your Tea in the Garden is so lovely.I must apologize for not linking up to your teas lately. We have a new grand son and other things have kept me busy. I know there is no excuse but I will try to link up when I can and visit you to enjoy your pretties! Thank you for being so faithful and committed to posting. Blessings, Karen

  14. Your tea is delightful! I love what you are doing to the picnic baskets! Too cute! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  15. So nice that you can set up tea under the deck cause it would be shady there. Cute Alice! Thanks for hosting, Bernideen!....Christine


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