Wednesday, June 21, 2017

THE SECRET GARDEN for "Tea In The Garden"

This week we are going into the first days of
summer and my garden is slowly starting
to bloom.  I am learning where to move
things around - where they might do better! 
 The sun here means really hot so some
 things needed to be moved. 

All these flowers (above) were 
picked from the garden.

This morning I set up a little tea time.

I mentioned in a prior post that I 
wish I planted seeds directly in
the ground last year.  That still holds!

Here is one of the clipboards 
that I recently decoupaged:

This little house wren can't make
up her mind which birdhouse to use:

I have been enjoying my garden and so 
happy I don't have to do that digging out
job this year.  I don't think I could really.


  1. You sure know how to have such a charming garden, Bernideen! I love the cottage look of it, and your pretty tea table. Your flowers are arranged so prettily. Thanks for hosting you sweet party for us to enjoy.

  2. The flowers in that beautiful arrangement all came from your garden? How gorgeous!

  3. So Pretty! All of your hard work in getting the yard ready has really paid off! It is so lovely!

  4. How especial the beautiful bouquet from your garden!So unique and lovely!Thank you so much for hosting!Love all your pieces but my favourite is the beautiful Chintz teapot.Have a nice week!Hugs,Maristella.

  5. Happy First Day of Summer, Bernideen! Your beautiful garden tea party is the perfect way to welcome summer. I'm loving the arbor with the purple bench underneath. I think it's time for me to re-read The Secret Garden. Thank you for hosting.

  6. Such a lovely tea in the garden Bernideen! Did you buy that brown and pink rose bud Saddler teapot in Sedalia? Your floral arrangement looks gorgeous and looks great with the blue arbor and pink bench. Love the clipboard, looks just like the one you gave me! :) What year is the green My Secret Garden book, looks like an oldie!
    Talk to you soon!

  7. Your tea times in the garden are always a delight. I love the backdrop of the white fence and your garden has progressed so beautifully.

  8. Such a beautiful bouquet and a lovely tea setting in the garden!

  9. Bernideen, I was going to make some little egg salad sandwiches with my spoon rolls, but I ended up just putting unsalted butter and raspberry jam on them - perfect with a cup of Darjeeling. Your basket of garden flowers looks like a professional and very expensive arrangement - you are so talented!

  10. Your garden has become so lovely, but I'm not surprised at all... we are having a rainy day so no tea in the garden yet. We did have some good days but I was busy cleaning up and now the rain came ??? Weather is so silly these days.. lovely tea. Have a wonderful Saturday with Love Janice

  11. Hi Bernideen,
    What beautiful flowers and setting you have created today. I love the chintz teapot! I hope to link up this week. Thank you for hosting Tea in the Garden. It's always a pleasure to visit your blog! Karen

  12. Bernideen, the flowers from your garden are wonderful. I love the Secret Garden, it's such a classic and one of my favorites when I was little! A few Summers ago I would read a couple of chapters to my kiddos each night before bed, and they enjoyed it as well.

    I can just imagine Mary, Dickon, and Colin frolicking in your garden, and discussing Dickon's little friends over sips of tea.

  13. Love the decoupage! Thank you for sharing at Home Sweet Home!


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