Wednesday, January 30, 2019


We didn't need a lot of encouragement
to stay inside this week.  The cold weather
has really been........cold.

So we have been drinking lots of hot
tea and as my husband works on
reorganizing paperwork, I am crafting,
decorating for Valentines Day and 

I love the old Valentines from
former times.  My friend Janice
gave me the rabbit box
 below last

I enjoy things that look old but aren't too
but I am not a follower of contemporary
things - nothing wrong with it - but
it's just not my style.

After Christmas I usually put away
the red transferware but this year
I decided to leave it out.

Our home is odd in that it has a fireplace
near the kitchen it what was called
a Kitchen Hearth room:

Do you have some vintage Valentines?


Thelma said...

Bernideen, I love all your decorations. It' my favourite style. I have one vintage Valentine. I've been working on some decorations. I will be blogging them soon take care and enjoy.

Louca por porcelana said...

Your vintage Valentines are absolutely wonderful!Your home is cozy and beautiful and your red transferware always makes me smile...Fabulous!I also love your header.Blessings,dear Bernideen.

Kim said...

I have a few vintage Valentines but not nearly as many as you, Bernideen. We don't really decorate for Valentines here in Australia. Your home looks beautiful with the pretty Valentines dotted here and there. They sprinkle a touch of whimsy to your lovely home. The little rabbit box is very sweet. Love your red transferware. I would leave it out for a while longer, too.

Vee said...

The red transferware looks so pretty for Valentine’s Day and with your Valentines tucked in. I do have a few vintage Valentines, but it is unlikely that I will go looking for them between now and then. Stay warm and keep having fun crafting.

Linda Baker said...

Your Valentines are adorable! Like you, I prefer the look and history of old things. A Valentine postcard sent to my Mother by her elementary school teacher, plus a few given to me during exchanges long ago in school, are my treasures. Have a blessed Valentine's Day!

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Beautiful, Bernideen! I like those glitter hearts you have next to the potted topiary's, did you make those? It is cold isn't it?! Hot tea has been nice!
Stay warm! xoxo

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Love the Valentines, Bernideen, and your display of red transferware! What fun to have a hearth room next to the kitchen. Your home is warm and filled with lots of character. I do not have any valentines from my school days but I have every card ever given to me by my family, including valentine cards. Those go back a ways. I just can't seem to part with them. Stay cozy!

Jean | said...

Bernideen, I need a kitchen hearth room. I don't know why, because wood fires give me respiratory problems! But still, I love the look of a fireplace.

Schotzy said...

I am wondering if you still do Friends Sharing Tea... I have looked for the lonk up a couple of times since Christmas but havent seen anything
I do love red transfer ware with Valentine's Day.. Time to get miin back out

Two Cottages And Tea said...

Dear Bernideen, Your hutch filled with your red transferware and vintage valentines is so Beautiful! I love the old valentines Too. They bring back happy times of grade school. I enjoyed this post so much!

The Victorian Girl said...

Love your vintage Valentine's and the red transferware really set them off! I collect Victorian Valentines and especially love the ones that open up with the little honeycomb paper inside. A quilting friend of mine gave me a whole bunch of her Valentines she received back in elementary school. She is in her 80's. My most treasured one is a Valentine my grandfather sent to my grandmother during their early married years.

Curtains in My Tree said...

Glad you left your red transferware out since it looks so for valentines display's I think

You do have the touch for creating adorable valentines, love seeing you items and rooms
Baby It's Cold Outside for sure LOL

Margie said...

Your Valentine decor is lovely, Bernideen. I'm swooning over your gorgeous red and white transferwares.

Zaa said...

Bernideen .. Your tablescape is so lovely and inviting... I adore those heart-shaped plates... and your lovely red ware. It’s always a favourite. The vintage valentines are so precious...and I do have a small collection of old Valentines, they seem so much sweeter than todays.... I remember as a child , I couldn't wait for the Valentines to come out and we made Valentine boxes...What lovely memories you inspired...Thank you Sweet lady ...Hugs