Monday, March 4, 2019


After making some Ephemera
 ornaments at Christmastime and quite
 a few cards at Valentines Day, I have
 gotten even more interested in making  cards, ornaments,
 decorations, etc.

A friend here gave me the base
"postcard" decorations above which came
from the Hobby Lobby so I embellished
them a little more.

My tea lady friends as we call
ourselves here in Columbia love 
doing this too but we all put different
 styles together.  As you can see I
have been using my kitchen
table to cut things out over this
snowy weekend.  Now that the
tea is over - time to move this
back to one of the larger tea
tables which do come in handy!

Last week I spent 3-4 hours designing various 
sayings in English and French to put on
 cards, etc.  Of  course, then they have to be
 copied and pasted to print them in a variety
 of font sizes.  I didn't like all of  them
 all afterwards,  but for me I don't think 
of it as a waste of time because that's
how I learned to do something new.

Of course - this artwork all focuses on 
Easter.  Last year  a friend gave me
the little basket ornaments for my 
birthday and the above 2 postcard
type pictures.  Now I added another
and put all on a star wreath I put
together for Easter:

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  1. What fun! I love your cards oh so much!

  2. Great cards!Your header is gorgeous too!Hugs!

  3. It looks like you are having a wonderful time. Nothing is better than 'little bits and pieces' as my mom used to call the cupcake tray of crafting goodies she used to put in front of me to create with. I still do so much small crafting---it is good for the soul to be lost in paper and paste.

  4. Beautiful...I love the vintage look and of course all those spring flowers are so pretty! Can't wait for warmer weather and to get back out in the garden!

  5. Your cards are beautiful! You have so many talents, Bernideen.

  6. Your creativity is wonderful!
    I stand in awe of those like yourself who can create such beauty with your God given talents.

    Bless you ♡

  7. Your cards are just darling, Bernideen! I love that you try new things.

  8. I'm not very crafty, Bernideen, so I always marvel at these things! Your "tea lady friends as we call ourselves here in Columbia" made me smile. My husband named my little group of tea lady friends "the tea bags" - how do you like that?!


  9. You are so good at your creations. I love seeing what you are up to everyday.
    Those cards are really cute embellished

    Can't wait till our next tea day together


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