Wednesday, March 20, 2019


For quite a few years I have looked for a
Welbeck tea set or at least the teapot that
was sold through Victoria Magazine back
in the l990's.  Last month was my birthday
and we went to Kansas City for the day. 
On the way back we stopped in a 
small town antique mall and look what I found:

I was beside my with happiness when I 
happened upon a booth with this set and
the seller had proudly displayed the
magazine pages where the Welbeck 
Chintzware was sold.  I got all the 
pieces above for $140.00.

Since it is the first "official" day of spring
I thought I would enjoy it in the kitchen.

When we lived in Colorado, there
was a woman who had a booth along
the feeder road flea markets in
Ft. Collins.  She wanted $150.00
for the Welbeck teapot.  I sure
wanted it but that was a lot of
money for me so I always looked
at it lovingly and passed it up.

Springtime is always a joyful
time to decorate with bunnies.

And of course pansies
are an expected item.

So how about you - are
you ready to decorate for spring?


  1. So beautiful! Glad you found it!

  2. I have that teapot. My husband bought it for me when it first came out in Victoria. It is a wonderful one to have in a teapot collection. So glad you found it.

  3. How very nice that you stumbled upon this set and it was a good price for all those pieces!

  4. Adorable tea set! Amazing...Great finding!I love all of your gorgeous vignettes too!

  5. Congratulations on finding your beautiful tea set!


  6. Good news Bernideen that you found it.
    I love to see your great collection, I coud spend some time looking at each lovely piece.
    Thank you for your good wishes on my mom.

  7. What a charming set and at such a good price. Congratulations on bringing it home!

  8. That is one beautiful tea set from Victoria. God gave you something that you had wanted for a long time and at a good price. A God-wink for sure.

  9. I bought the tea pot, cups, saucers and 8" plates in 1995 when I saw them for sale in the magazine. I have since been able to buy a breakfast set on eBay.

  10. Your Spring decorated cabinet is gorgeous Bernideen! The Chintz teaset is amazing, so glad you found it after all these years! Your pansy teacups are really sweet too! And the bunnies! xoxo

  11. Dear Bernideen,
    what a very special Happy Birthday Moment. This Chintzware is unbelievable pretty. It can be lucky to come to such a good place for the rest of its life. :-D Have fun with it and Happy belated Birthday to you!
    Greetings, Johanna

  12. I have always loved that teaset too!

  13. Berideen! What a wonderful find and great price! I remember those being offered in Victoria! The shape of the teapot and creamer and sugar bowl are so unique! Very pretty pattern and perfect for spring!

  14. Bernideen, I love that pattern! What a find! And Ruth just posted about the candlesticks; did you see that?

  15. What an amazing find. I love it when in-search-of stories have happy endings.

    I'll be switching out my green tea sets for the purple and yellow sets this weekend.

  16. I remember very well seeing that teaset in Victoria and how I longed for it! It was way out of the budget, but I did manage to find some of the fabric and make napkins with it. I just LOVE that pattern!

  17. All I can say is what a spectacular set you found, Bernideen! You've displayed it so beautifully and it is perfect for Spring!

  18. That was my mom's and she loved it! Thank you for enjoying it like she did! Your display is lovely! She will enjoy seeing this article and pictures.


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