Friday, June 14, 2019


We have been enjoying a very
mild June in Missouri and rain,
as many of you know.  I do feel
badly for those who have experienced
the terrible flooding of the Mississippi
and Missouri Rivers.

This year I have actually had to "remove"
plants from my garden which is fine with
me rather than not having enough.  

I am slowly learning to get plants in
the right places with the right amount 
of sunshine or shade.  I have always
adored Queen Anne's Lace even if
it is called a weed.  Yes, this is right
in my front yard and I did have to remove
some of the huge plants but left enough
to enjoy their beauty.  They are a 2 year
project to get to the bloom point so you
have to sow the seeds for several years
to get it going.  (like other biennials)


Sandi Magle said...

Goodness, I'm so amazed at the progress of your garden. Lovely and i have enjoyed your posts this Spring! Thanks for pics of what it should look like---my hollyhocks are only 12" tall---so far, crazy and we are relatively close to each other.

Louca por porcelana said...

Oh!Adorable pictures of your garden!How I enjoy my visits here...Best wishes and thanks for sharing.

Maria Rodrigues said...

Beautiful flowers, wonderful photos.
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kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

I love Queen Anne's Lace, too, Bernideen. There is a field of it at the end of my street and my one son picked me some when he was walking my youngest son's dog. It has such a delicate beauty.

Schotzy said...

I am also agog at what a prolific gardener you are.. your plantings are so lush and glorious! I want some queen Anne’s Lace. I used to pick it along the country lanes at grandma’s house.

Marilyn Miller said...

The Queen Ann's Lace is so pretty with the hydrangeas. I love them too, but have never thought of planting them in the garden. Just lovely!

Linda Jennings said...

I am very impressed with your beautiful garden.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Your flowers are lovely, Bernideen! I still don't have mine yet. We will have to get to the garden centre soon. Now that the nice weather is here, we won't have to worry about frost. I'm waiting for my roses to bloom which should be by the weekend. Have a beautiful day!

Angela McRae said...

These photos are absolutely beautiful! You definitely have The Touch when it comes to growing flowers. And I know what you mean about the flooding. On the way to Texas two weeks ago, my sister and I observed when we were crossing the Mississippi River that some trees near the bridge still had water halfway up them!