Sunday, September 22, 2019


One of the sweet gals from church asked if
 she could  use my tea room for today for a
 gathering of twenty Home School Moms.

I was happy to let them use the room so I
 got out more fall type transferware as the
season is fast approaching.

I am sure they greatly appreciated Stacey
who organized this event with delicious
food and friendships made! 

Just to answer a question here
 The ladies had a committee to do the work,
 they provided the food and washed dishes. 
 I provided the space and dishes.


Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

What a special use of your tea room! I know those moms loved it!

Do you charge a fee, or just allow them to use the space?

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

What a perfect place for the moms to enjoy being together in your pretty tearoom, Bernideen. I’m sure they greatly appreciated your hospitality.

ellen b. said...

How nice that you are willing to share your tea room!

Karen said...

Hi Bernideen
It’s so kind of you to open your beautiful tea room to the moms. I’m sure they loved and appreciated it. I haven’t been setting up tea times very much lately. I want to start blogging again more often. Your posts are always so lovely. Have a wonderful week! Karen

Louca por porcelana said...

Your Tea room is wonderful!Great time!Hugs,dear Bernideen.

podso said...

I don't think I realized you have an actual tea room. How nice! And lovely to share it with others. I'm sure those homeschool moms were refreshed and blessed by having that time together.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

How lovely that you have your tea room to share with others! I'm sure the gesture was much appreciated by all the moms who came to tea. A lovely ministry indeed.

CherylK said...

Everything looks so pretty! I know it was a blessing to them to have a lovely place with special dishes.

Linda Jennings said...

Lovely! And, so kind of you to "loan" your tea room to this group.

Jean | said...

Bernideen, how sweet of you to share your lovely tearoom. Even though they "did all the work," I know there was work involved for you as well. But what a deserving group--kudos to all home-schooling moms!